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Altamonte Springs Boarding Kennel Stress: 3 Ways To Soothe Your Dog

Dogs can become stressed from an unknown situation when introduced to new places. Don’t let this discourage you from bringing your pup into an Altamonte Springs boarding kennel!

Dog nerves are common, and we have three quick tips to help soothe your pup and make the overnight lodging experience as easy as paw-ssible.

Find the Source of Stress

Where is the source of stress or anxiety coming from? Is it from other dogs? Is it the noise level? Rocky’s Retreat offers special accommodations for hypersensitive or anxious dogs. We keep our Altamonte Springs boarding kennel groups small to reduce anxiety and fear that may overwhelm a dog. If your pup prefers their alone time, they don’t have to stay with the group and can relax in a quieter safe space until they’re comfortable. If you’re worried about dropping your dog off for boarding, contact us to see how we can help soothe your concerns too! 

Soothing Techniques

Did you know that if dogs don’t chew for a certain amount of time per day, it can cause stress and pent-up energy? Chewable toys or bones are great soothing techniques for your pet’s mental and physical stimulation needs. Feel free to give your fur baby a massage with calming music while they chew on their favorite toy or bone. 

Exercise is also excellent for dogs to soothe stress and release energy, just like their human owners! We recommend walking your dog for at least one hour before dropping them off at an Altamonte Springs boarding kennel to make the transition easier. Lastly, natural herbal supplements and essential oil blends may help with certain anxieties, but we recommend getting veterinarian approval first.

Reward Calming Behavior Only

There’s a difference between calming anxious behavior and rewarding it that’s commonly mistaken in many households. Make sure you’re not confusing your pup! What motivates your dog? Is it treats, touch, or encouraging words? Understanding your dog’s love language is vital to rewarding them properly.

Positive reinforcement for a positive state of mind is crucial. Even with the right intention, giving your dog a treat to make them feel better while they’re stressed can do more harm. Why? From a dog’s view, it shows that feeling stressed or anxious equals a treat. Once dogs understand that calmer behavior equals treats, it can help motivate them to improve their mood in the right direction. The key to this technique is only to reciprocate a balanced state of mind with calming affirmations.

Soothe Your Dog’s Stress Today

Altamonte Springs boarding kennel

Have you tried all three soothing tips listed above, and none seem to help your pet’s stress? We have qualified animal behaviorists at our Altamonte Springs boarding kennel with training and experience to help dogs overcome anxieties. In addition to consulting a veterinarian, behavior modification and desensitization is a process best handled with the help of a professional.        

Rocky’s Retreat also offers exclusive therapeutic activities including:

There are many soothing health benefits to an Altamonte Springs boarding kennel. Dogs learn best from other dogs, especially on a consistent schedule. After your pup is dropped off at Rocky’s Retreat, our experienced staff does their best to keep them on their regular routine. Consistency is proven to significantly improve dog development by fueling the mind, improving physical health, and increasing happiness. 

Don’t become stressed trying to understand your dog’s stress. Get in touch with our qualified animal professionals today!