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Brain-Power Boosting Puppy Activities You Can Do At Home

Welcoming a new puppy into your family is an exciting event – for both you and your furry friend. Learning about canine cognitive health will help you set your new puppy up for a healthy brain in its early years and beyond. Our College Park puppy boarding team from Rocky’s Retreat shares some fun activities that will help boost your pup’s brain power when they are young and during all the years that follow. 

When it comes to caring for a new puppy, taking care of their physical health is a vital part of their wellbeing, but it is only part of the picture. All dogs require mental stimulation that will help them live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. If you have a breed that is naturally higher energy, mental stimulation is even more of a necessity. 

Without outlets for their energy or activities to keep them entertained, it is more likely that a dog will develop anxiety or depression. These conditions vary in their severity depending on the dog, but their symptoms appear in ways that are troubling to both you and them. If your dog is experiencing anxiety, boredom, or has pent-up energy, you may begin to notice that they: 

You can help your pup avoid the symptoms of these cognitive conditions by involving them in fun, mentally stimulating activities from an early age. Let’s find out more about these activities and how they can help your new puppy beat boredom and positively impact their cognitive development.  


Anyone who has ever interacted with a puppy knows that they have almost limitless energy. At this stage of their lives, every moment is filled with new experiences, meeting new human and animal friends, and learning more about the world. 

Exercise is proven to be one of the best ways to help your pup develop and maintain great mental health and burn off extra energy. Some easy and effective options for exercise include:

If you have days during the week that are busier than usual, our College Park puppy boarding facility now offers dog walking and pet sitting services. Don’t let a packed schedule undo the effort you’ve put into house-training your puppy or prevent them from staying active during the day. Allow a team member from Rocky’s Retreat to help! 

Teach Your Puppy A New Trick

The process of learning a new trick benefits you and your dog alike. Spending just 10-15 minutes on training per day will positively impact your puppy’s brain development, improve their listening skills, and help the two of you to bond. Here are a few tricks that you may consider:

Training that uses positive reinforcement has shown to be extremely effective in shaping the behavior of our four-legged friends. Want to see positive reinforcement put into action? Check out this series of training videos our team has created. 

After each training session, you can offer your puppy a well-deserved belly rub – and maybe even a big hug – to let them know just how well they did!  


This classic game is just as much fun for dogs as it is for people, and is appropriate for any stage of their lives. To teach your puppy to play hide-and-seek, first teach them to stay in a spot where they are unable to see you. Then, call them when you are ready for them to come and find you. As your puppy gets better and better at this game, you can find hiding spots that add greater levels of challenge, such as hiding behind a shower curtain or in a closet. 

This game taps into your puppy’s natural hunting tendencies and creates the anticipation of a reward. 

Sign Your Puppy Up For Doggy Daycare At Rocky’s Retreat

College Park puppy boarding

Doggy daycare is one of the most convenient and fun places for your puppy to build its brain power. Our facility has numerous opportunities available for your pup to meet new friends, burn energy, and gain new experiences. During their session, your pup will be able to:

Overnight Boarding

If you’re looking for extended care for your puppy, College Park puppy boarding at Rocky’s Retreat is the answer! 

Our overnight boarding provides everything that our doggy daycare sessions do with the additional bonus of:

Keep Your Puppy’s Brain In Awesome Shape With Rocky’s Retreat

Making sure your puppy has great brain health throughout its entire life is a daily process. Remember to include some of these activities in their routine to ensure they have the highest levels of mental well-being possible. 

Contact our College Park puppy boarding facility today to give your pup even more brain-power boosting fun and adventure.