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Dog Training 101: How Our Winter Park Dog Boarding Kennel Experts Use Positive Reinforcement

Have you ever tried to teach your dog a new trick or train them to stop barking at the mailman? Chances are that you’ve seen more success when a reward is involved. Our Winter Park dog boarding kennel experts from Rocky’s Retreat want to share some tips on how you can use this technique when it comes to training time with Fido! 

What Is Positive Reinforcement?

Positive reinforcement is the practice of using a reward to communicate a “job well done” to your dog. Possible rewards for positive reinforcement training could include:

If you are working to house-train your pet, teaching them a fun new trick, or helping them break the habit of eating off of the kitchen table, any of these rewards would be an awesome way to encourage your dog to continue exhibiting desirable behaviors. 

What Is Negative Reinforcement?

Firmly stating the word “no” when your dog does something destructive, dangerous, or inappropriate does help them to understand what you don’t want them to do. Your dog will likely learn with time that you respond negatively to their behavior when they chew on the legs of your furniture, bark unnecessarily at the neighbors, or jump up on someone when they walk through your door. 

Even though negative reinforcement does alert your pet that you are not pleased with their behavior, it’s important to remember that our dogs need positive reinforcement to know what we would like them to do. This way, they aren’t confused or left guessing what behaviors are appropriate and what are not.

The success you have with using either of these techniques in dog training depends on how consistently you use them. No dog is going to be perfect one hundred percent of the time, but as their owners, we can do our best to set them up for as much success as possible by using appropriate and considerate training techniques.

Is Negative Reinforcement An Effective Training Tool?

It’s important to employ both positive and negative forms of communication with your pet, but negative reinforcement should only be used in certain circumstances and in an appropriate manner. If your dog is about to chase a car, the only thing you may have time to do is to yell at him to stop immediately. 

However, if pet owners were only to use negative reinforcement, they would end up spending a lot of time chasing Rover around and yelling at him without helping him establish new habits. That would get pretty tiring for both you and your pet, and simply shouting commands can be overstimulating and frustrating for dogs if it takes place too often. It’s best to take advantage of the benefits of positive reinforcement as much as possible when it comes to helping your dog shape their behavior.   

How Rocky’s Retreat Can Help With Positive Reinforcement Training

Canine hydrotherapy is a relatively new form of aqua therapy that comes with many physical and cognitive health benefits. The sessions we provide at Rocky’s Retreat are guided by a canine hydrotherapist who uses positive reinforcement as they direct your dog through each step of the session. 

Looking for something that allows you to be even more directly involved in the training process? Our fitness swims provide this experience for you by allowing you to stand poolside and give your dog directions while they swim. When they have successfully completed a request by swimming back to you or fetching a toy from the water, you can reward them by giving them enthusiastic praise or a favorite treat.

Doggy Daycare Is Positively Amazing!Winter Park dog boarding kennel

During our doggy daycare sessions, your pet will have the opportunity to play with other furry friends and staff members. Doggy daycare is a great place for your dog to become more comfortable in new situations, improve their behavior, and get active

Our staff members are trained to use positive reinforcement with the dogs that stay with us. If you’re working on positive reinforcement training at home, don’t be afraid that all of your hard work will be undone by sending them to doggy daycare sessions. One of our goals is to build upon the training you’ve already done and communicate with your dog when they show great behavior. 

Looking for some extra tips on how to make training time fun and stress-free? Check out the training course videos we have recorded! These videos include 35 training clips of a dog trainer from Rocky’s Retreat demonstrating how to teach your pup new tricks using only positive reinforcement.

Interested? Prepare your pet for the time of their lives. Come on over! 

Positive Reinforcement During Your Pup’s Overnight Stay

Just like our daycare sessions, our staff will use positive reinforcement with your dog when they come for an overnight stay at our Winter Park dog boarding kennel. These sessions share many of the same experiences as our daycare sessions, including pool time, playtime outside, and socialization with other dogs. 

After your furry friend has successfully learned a new trick or has finally stopped chasing the cat, what better way to reward them than by spoiling them with a vacation at a luxurious dog hotel?

Let them know how proud you are, and sign them up! 

Reward Your Pooch With A Stay At Rocky’s Retreat

Does your dog deserve gold stars after a successful training session? Reward them with a stay at our Winter Park dog boarding kennel at Rocky’s Retreat. 

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