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Top Health Benefits Of Winter Park Canine Hydrotherapy

It’s essential to take care of our bodies, especially when we undergo the strain of surgery, stress, or stages of the aging process. The same goes for our fur babies. Winter Park canine hydrotherapy is a fantastic option to keep your four-legged friend in tip-top shape.  

What is Canine Hydrotherapy?

Different therapy types are often needed to keep muscles, joints, and ligaments strong and flexible. The best place to do that safely and effectively is in a weightless water environment. 

Canine hydrotherapy involves exercise in an aquatic environment aimed at achieving rehabilitation. Local veterinarians often recommend Winter Park canine hydrotherapy if a pet has:

How Does Canine Hydrotherapy Work?

Hydrotherapy allows your pet to engage in exercise therapy and mobility training in a less weight-bearing environment. It allows for a fuller range of motion and more pain-free movement without the extra strain of body weight on the canine’s legs.

Winter Park canine hydrotherapyGetting canines to participate and engage in therapeutic movement is one of the most challenging aspects of recovery post-surgery, planning treatment to control long-term health problems, or prescribing exercise to promote weight loss. Greater mobility at a dog’s joints contributes to the increased flexibility that can aid in healing and strengthening specific ligament and musculoskeletal groups. Often this results from pain, but exercising through play in a warm, aquatic environment removes much of the initial resistance to treatment plans. Here at Rocky’s Retreat, we find that most of our young and seasoned canines are receptive to hydrotherapy and water play. 

Hydrotherapy can also be a gentle option for pets learning to swim, overcoming anxiety issues, or working through their fear of water. Winter Park canine hydrotherapy begins by pairing your pet with a trained and certified hydrotherapist. Our canine hydrotherapists will stay in the pool with your pet and guide the therapy session to provide the best recreational and recovery benefits.  

Winter Park Canine Hydrotherapy Options

Our expert hydrotherapy team provides options for you to choose from to make your pet’s sessions fun and beneficial. 

Assisted Hydrotherapy Sessions

Fully assisted Winter Park canine hydrotherapy sessions are best for dogs who are:

A certified hydrotherapist is responsible for activities during an assisted canine hydrotherapy session. We encourage all pet owners to be present and observe the amazing effects of a hydrotherapy session. The goal is to customize the therapy session to your pet’s specific needs and achieve improvement over time. 

Recreational Swim Sessions

Swim sessions in our hydrotherapy pool for training and recreation are best for dogs who are:

Owners are in charge of the activities during recreational swim sessions from the sidelines. These bouts of exercise aim to keep a dog swimming throughout their pool time to maximize the cardiovascular benefits of the workout. 

Meet Our Hydrotherapy Team Today!

Here at Rocky’s Retreat, we know how important your pets are to you. We are here to provide you and your four-legged friend with beneficial, affordable, and local options from hydrotherapy to dental care to boarding. Reach out today and let us know how we can show your pet some love today. Or make your next reservation at Rocky’s Retreat here.