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How Winter Park Dog Hydrotherapy Can Reduce Canine Anxiety

Does your dog struggle with anxiety? Learn how Winter Park dog hydrotherapy can help calm your dog’s nerves and have a more relaxed life.

We live in a busy world. There is no shortage of sights and sounds that affect our moods and health overall. Changes in the home, such as the addition of a new family member, or relocation to a new city, can all have a major impact on our emotions and stress levels. These factors can also affect your pet much in the same way. 

Our pets also experience challenges in adapting to new parts of life, uncertain circumstances, or other elements in their environment that may cause them anxiety. Sometimes, anxiety in dogs can be treated with medication, but this is not always an option. If this is the case for your pet, there are other options available. One of these options is hydrotherapy, which is now offered at Rocky’s Retreat! 

What Are Other Causes Of Anxiety In Canines?

The American Kennel Club identifies three primary causes of anxiety in dogs: fear, separation, and aging. Much of the time, fear-related anxiety can be aggravated by simple environmental factors such as the noises produced by heavy traffic, fireworks or vacuum cleaners, or unfamiliar animals in the home or community. Separation anxiety may occur when your job requires you to spend long hours away from home. If your dog is more prone to anxiety, experiencing being left alone for hours at a time may affect your furry friend more severely. Finally, age related anxiety can come from the cognitive decline and decrease in functioning that naturally comes to many dogs as they age. No matter the cause or severity of the anxiety your dog may be experiencing, our hydrotherapy program at Rocky’s Retreat offers a fun and physically engaging way to help your dog live life to the fullest.

What Are The Benefits Of Hydrotherapy? Golden retriever swimming and playing in the pool

Water has natural properties that lend themselves in the service of rehabilitation. If your dog has suffered an injury or had an operation that creates challenges for them during other forms of exercise, canine hydrotherapy can provide a low-impact form of activity that reduces the stress placed on the part of the body that is recovering. Learning more about the benefits can help you understand just how effective this type of therapy can be in improving your pet’s health. Our facility has a full-sized, temperature-controlled pool where your dog will swim during the sessions. We also have a drying room, so that your dog does not have to leave the facility with a wet coat. 

How Does Our Hydrotherapy Program Work?

In our hydrotherapy program, we have two different options for pet owners: assisted and recreational. In the assisted swim session, a trained and certified canine hydrotherapist will be in the water with your dog throughout the entire swim. Each session will last thirty minutes to an hour, depending on your selection.

In the recreational swim, you will participate more actively in the therapy session. Though you will not be able to get into the pool with your dog due to health code and safety regulations, you will stand at the poolside and participate by encouraging your dog or throwing toys for him to play with or retrieve from the water. This is a great way to observe how your dog responds to this type of therapy and will allow you to create lasting memories as well. 

Call us today to schedule your appointment. We look forward to joining you on the journey of improving and encouraging your pet’s health and wellness.