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Spoil Your Pooch At The Best College Park Dog Hotel

Our pets provide so much joy and excitement in our lives – they definitely deserve a gift in return! Send them to Rocky’s Retreat College Park dog hotel for the most relaxing vacation of their lives. 

If you’re taking a vacation yourself or traveling for work, making sure your dog has a safe and relaxing place to stay while you’re away is an important part of preparation before you leave. Our dog hotel at Rocky’s Retreat delivers the full effect – complete with grooming services, an indoor pool, comfy beds, and tons of playtime. Read on to learn more about our awesome amenities that were created with your dog in mind.

Temperature-Controlled Swimming Pool 

What kind of a vacation would be complete without a place to do cannonballs? Our College Park dog hotel has one of Central Florida’s only temperature-controlled indoor pools for dogs. 

This is where we hold our canine hydrotherapy sessions, which are guided by one of our trained and certified hydrotherapists. If you add one or more of these sessions to your pet’s overnight stay package, they can take advantage of some of the many benefits that canine hydrotherapy provides. 

During these sessions, the hydrotherapist remains in the water with your dog and guides them through a series of exercises. These exercises can help dogs that have medical conditions, are dealing with the effects of aging, or are recovering from surgery. 

Besides being a great way to target specific health conditions, hydrotherapy has also shown to help with conditions like anxiety and depression, and also serves to help with overall physical conditioning. The interactive nature of the hydrotherapy sessions can also help your dog to improve their ability to receive and follow commands, and is simply a great way for them to enjoy some fun in the waves. 

If your pup enjoys a dip in the pool, one of these sessions will be an essential part of their stay with us. 

Sandpit In Our BackyardCollege park dog hotel

A beach day just isn’t complete without some fun in the sand. Even though digging in the dirt is often the cause of many dog owners’ headaches, allowing your pooch to have some fun while engaging in this activity has some great benefits, including improving your dog’s motor function, serving as a way to reduce stress, and simply providing endless entertainment. 

At Rocky’s Retreat, we have a huge sandpit located outdoors where your dog may safely explore, rummage, and dig as many holes as they please without creating any trip hazards or tearing up your flower garden. 

Worried about the mess when you return home? Don’t be! Our overnight stay packages include the option of adding a bath before your pup returns home. 

Doggie Playgroups

Our doggie playgroups at Rocky’s Retreat provide opportunities for your pup to socialize and exercise. 

Socializing is a very important part of a dog’s development, physical fitness, and also encourages positive emotions. 

If you would like to provide your dog with extra socialization training, you can sign them up for some of the training courses we offer here at Rocky’s Retreat. 

Our training course gives your pup practice receiving directions and following commands from one of our trained staff members. This type of training will allow your dog to have more confidence and comfort when they face new situations or any time they come to play at our College Park dog hotel.  

Individual Rooms 

When it’s time for your pup’s beauty sleep, they can lie down and relax in one of our individual rooms

We have several room options available. Each of these rooms provides plenty of space for your pet to stretch their legs and recharge for the next day’s activities. When selecting a room for your dog, you have the option of booking a space that has extra room for them to move around, or a room with outdoor-facing windows.

Take A Vacation At Rocky’s Retreat

The next time you’re out of town or want to give your pup a special spa day, contact us and schedule a vacation for Rover at our College Park dog hotel.