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Spring Cleaning With Pets: Tips From Our Hiawassee Dog Boarding Team

Spring cleaning is in full swing in Hiawassee! Maybe you would like to have someone else watch your dog for a while while you deep-clean your carpets or organize your attic. If so, Rocky’s Retreat Hiawassee dog boarding is just the place for your pup to take their very own vacation! 

Points To Consider When Spring Cleaning With Pets

Cleaning in the home can involve the use of chemicals that can be dangerous for your dog. Even if your dog is crate-trained, keeping them in a kennel may not be an option because of the time it will take for you to complete your home improvement tasks. Florida’s weather is often too warm to keep dogs outside for long, and if you’re hiring service workers to perform any work in your home, it can be stressful for your dog to have so much activity taking place. That’s why our Hiawassee dog boarding at Rocky’s Retreat could be the answer for your pet while you undertake your home maintenance projects. 

Especially if you are having any remodeling or maintenance work performed on your home, it can be very helpful to have someone else watch your pet while this is completed. Construction and yard work projects often make use of large machinery or tools that can pose safety risks or cause your dog’s anxiety to kick in. It can also be stressful for a dog to stay inside all day while home improvement tasks are being accomplished. Each of these points considered, it’s probably far easier on your dog’s stress levels to bring them over to Rocky’s Retreat!

Give Your Dog A Vacay With Comfy Rooms 

Each one of the rooms at our Hiawassee dog boarding facility is perfectly suited to give your dog the most comfortable and relaxing vacation they’ve ever had.  They can enjoy their very own space where they are provided food and water at any time, and they won’t have to be bothered by all of the noise and commotion going on back home! 

If your dog is staying overnight with us, they will have their own bed in a private room. There will be meals, water, and treats provided, and we will also provide administration of any medications your pet may need during their stay. 

Opportunities For Exercise 

Our facility boasts a large space where dogs can run, jump, and play with other dogs. We organize our doggie playgroups based on your dog’s temperament and energy levels so that they will feel comfortable and have a great time socializing with new friends. Not only will your pup enjoy the socialization and exercise that is so beneficial to them, but they will also stay entertained and stress-free while you are busy working on your spring-cleaning projects. 

We also have a giant sand pit in the backyard where your dog can dig and play with other dogs. As a squeaky-clean end of their stay with us, we also offer a bath before your pup returns home. 

Give Your Dog An Opportunity For A Swim!Hiawassee Dog Boarding

Rocky’s Retreat has one of Central Florida’s only indoor temperature-controlled pools. The two primary types of swim sessions we offer are recreational (or fitness), and hydrotherapy, both of which will provide general exercise, physical fitness, and fun for your pup. 

Our hydrotherapy sessions are guided by a certified canine hydrotherapist that will assist your dog through the water. These sessions offer many physical benefits including strengthening muscles and tendons, and can even help dogs in their recovery process from injuries or other medical procedures. If your dog is staying multiple nights with us, you can add swim sessions, including hydrotherapy, to their package. 

Our recreational swim is structured in a way that allows you to participate. During the session, you will interact with your pup while they are in the water by throwing them balls and other toys. This is a great way to spend a fun afternoon with your pet and can also help in training when you are back at home. As if there weren’t enough reasons to love our pool service already, you can add this awesome (and maybe even educational) experience to the list! 

We also have a drying room so that your dog will not get too cold after they exit the pool, and you will not have to worry about wet car seats if you are giving them a ride home after their swim session. 

Rocky’s Retreat Has Grooming Services!  

Rocky’s Retreat offers grooming, so your dog can return home squeaky clean, with a new haircut, trimmed nails, and a silky coat. 

We offer everything from the “basic bath” to a full grooming session complete with a blow-dry, ear cleaning, and haircut.  

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Spring cleaning projects don’t have to mean Fido is stuck in the house all day! Contact us to make your dog’s reservation with our Hiawassee dog boarding service!