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How We Make Apopka Overnight Dog Boarding Safe, Reliable, And Fun

If you are looking to board your dog for a few nights, you want to know everything you can about the facility before you leave town. Learn how Rocky’s Retreat Apopka overnight dog boarding provides a safe, reliable, and fun atmosphere during your pet’s stay with us. 

When you take a vacation or travel for work, it’s often the case that your dog is not able to join you. As awesome as that would be, the next best thing is to find a reliable home away from home for your dog. Knowing what qualities to look for when you are making your decision is an important step in making sure your dog is taken care of. At Rocky’s Retreat, we take careful measures to ensure that our canine friends and their families feel reassured in their decision to book a stay at our Apopka overnight dog boarding facility.

Learn more about the steps we take at Rocky’s Retreat to make sure everyone stays safe and has fun. 

How We Ensure Safety

If you are a first-time client with us, visit our dog boarding policies page to see what forms you need to fill out and any other steps you should take to prepare your pet for their stay with us. 

These initial steps are in place to make sure that everyone is up-to-date on their vet visits, vaccinations, and is in good physical condition before they come for their vacation at our Apopka overnight dog boarding center.  

Tons Of Opportunity For Fun!Apopka Overnight Dog Boarding

Our facility has one of central Florida’s only indoor pools for dogs. If you’ve been looking for an Apopka dog pool to make your pup’s stay even more exciting, look no further!

All of our hydrotherapy and fitness swim sessions are guided by a trained and certified canine hydrotherapist.

While the fitness swims require your attendance, our hydrotherapy sessions can be added to your dog’s overnight stay package. Hydrotherapy offers a new opportunity for your pup to hit the waves and get some exercise at the same time. 

Your dog will also receive daily walks and has the option to participate in doggie playgroups with other friends from Rocky’s Retreat. We have enough space, both indoors and outside, for every dog to get their full dose of exercise and fresh air during their stay at our Apopka overnight dog boarding facility. 

We want you to be involved in the fun as well, so we provide daily photo updates for each day that your dog attends overnight dog boarding with us. We are always available by phone at any time of the day so you may stay updated on all of the fun your pup is having. 

Our Facility Is Insured 

All of our staff members are trained to provide the best care to your pup. Our staff is trained to deliver CPR and follow protocol for any first-aid if necessary.

Our facility values the overall experience of your dog during their stay with us. Having a plan of action in place in case one of the dogs in our care is injured or experiences another medical emergency is part of providing a safe environment. 

Our facility has every form of required insurance, and you may ask to see our certificate at any time. Dog boarding facilities should always be licensed and insured to make sure that they meet any necessary legal requirements and that your dog is kept safe. If an injury or some other emergency takes place within our facility, proper coverage is necessary to meet the needs of any necessary medical care. 

Low Staff-To-Dog Ratios

When a dog is away from its owner, it is important that they receive proper nutrition, adequate physical activity, and attention. The staff at our facility is  always available to provide relaxing belly rubs, daily walks, or an exciting game of fetch!  

We maintain a 1:5 staff-to-dog ratio at our Apopka overnight dog boarding facility. This ensures that your dog is specially attended to and also receives any unique care that he or she may require. We provide our services for dogs that have varying levels of energy, are dealing with the effects of aging, or that may have physical conditions that could prevent them from participating in certain activities. 

No matter what your dog’s needs are, we are here to provide the safest and greatest experience they can find in an overnight boarding facility.

Prepare For Adventure At Rocky’s Retreat

Check your pet’s mini-vacay off of your to-do list. Contact Rocky’s Retreat today for Fido’s stay at our Apopka overnight dog boarding facility.