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Searching For An Apopka Dog Pool? Look No Further!

Does it make your dog’s tail wag when they have the opportunity for a swim? Maybe a dip in the pool makes it easier for them to handle the hot summer weather. If you are a dog owner looking for a safe and fun way for your dog to satisfy their itch for aquatic adventure, Rocky’s Retreat has the Apopka dog pool you’re searching for!

What Is Our Pool Like At Rocky’s Retreat?

Our pool is one of Central Florida’s only temperature-controlled indoor pools for dogs. We make sure that the water stays at a comfortable temperature year-round. Just as it is for humans, if the water is too cold, it can be more difficult to swim because the body has to work much harder in the water to stay warm. 

We also have a drying room for your dog so that they don’t get the shivers after their swim or have to return home with a wet coat. This is also helpful for you, because you won’t have to remember to bring a towel for your dog or end up with a wet car seat on the ride home. 

Why Is Water Such An Awesome Option For Dogs?

Many dog breeds naturally love the water. Golden Retrievers and other dogs that are bred for hunting often love nothing more than taking a running jump into any lake, ocean, or pool. Water has properties that make it beneficial from a health standpoint as well. The buoyancy of the water helps dogs to swim without placing as much stress on their bodies, which means they are able to strengthen their muscles and tendons without the level of impact that results from exercise on the land. 

Our Apopka Dog Pool Hydrotherapy Swim ServicesApopka Dog Pool

We have a hydrotherapy program at Rocky’s Retreat that can help strengthen your dog as they recover from medical procedures. Hydrotherapy can also help with meeting some of your dog’s exercise needs as they age. Your dog will be accompanied in the pool by one of our certified canine hydrotherapists who will guide them through exercises that are tailored to their needs.

Hydrotherapy has been shown to positively impact a dog’s physical as well as mental health, including managing anxiety and depression. Signing your dog up for a swim also helps them combat boredom and expends energy that can result in other distressing behaviors at home, such as chewing furniture, carpets, and other household items, pacing, excessive barking and howling, and more. 

While our dogs need to communicate through barking, howling, and whining at times, these behaviors can also indicate that they are stressed. Exercise from walking, or a session in our Apopka dog pool, can help give them a change of pace and meet other needs that can greatly improve their behavioral and emotional health. 

Our Recreational Swims

Dog owners can participate in recreational swim sessions from the poolside by throwing balls or other toys to their dog while they swim. Giving directions to your pup while they swim and play can be a great bonding experience and a training opportunity as you watch and learn how they respond to your requests while in the water.   

In these swims, your dog will be able to play more freely in the water because they are not structured in the same way as the hydrotherapy sessions. This is a perfect opportunity for your dog to get some exercise and have fun while they visit us at Rocky’s Retreat.

Don’t Forget Our New Grooming Services!

We have recently added to our grooming services at Rocky’s. Whether your dog is coming for a stay during the day or is boarding with us for a few days, we can give your dog grooming treatments that include washing, blow-drying, a trim for their coat and nails, and more. 

It’s like giving your dog their very own vacation – spa day included! 

Contact Us Today!

Contact Rocky’s Retreat and sign your dog up for a swim session in our Apopka dog pool! You can include their hydrotherapy or recreational swim as part of a package or as an individual session. We look forward to meeting you and your pup!