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Our College Park Overnight Dog Boarding Team Shares Tips For Bonding With Your Dog

Watching the relationship with your dog grow over time is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable parts of being a pet owner. Our College Park overnight dog boarding team from Rocky’s Retreat shares some insightful tips and suggestions that will help you develop a great bond with your dog. 

Just as in your relationships with other people, you may not always have the experience you would like right away. All relationships, including the one you have with your dog, require spending quality time together, engaging in fun activities, and even overcoming challenging experiences. The relationship that we can form with our dogs results in improved behavior and an all-around better quality of life for both of you. Though dogs are naturally relational, it is still important to take steps to continue to improve the bond you have with them. Let’s take a look at some of the many ways that will help make this happen! 

Don’t Forget Playtime

Humans and animals all love to play. Participating in this activity with your dog provides tons of fun for both of you. There are few rules when it comes to having fun with your pup, and many ways to enjoy playtime. Whether indoors or outside, including recreational time in their daily routine helps keep them active and improves the quality of the bond you share.

Is your dog celebrating a birthday? Use this exciting event to take advantage of the rental space our College Park overnight dog boarding facility provides. If you’ve never celebrated your dog’s birthday with a party that includes all their friends, you don’t know what you’re missing! Make sure to give us a call so that we can help make your pal’s day a special and memorable event.  

Pet Your Pooch

Taking time to pet your animal is a great way to help them relax, and it has some great benefits for your own health as well. Studies show that spending time petting your dog can help to reduce your stress levels, lower blood pressure, and ease the symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

Petting your dog also reduces their stress levels, increases endorphins, and helps them create a stronger bond with you. 

Take Them For A Walk Or RunCollege Park Overnight Dog Boarding

Taking your dog for a walk is a great way to get some exercise for both of you. This activity helps your dog achieve a healthy amount of activity throughout the week, improves their emotional well-being and overall physical fitness. 

Including physical activity in their day can also help to reduce aggression, anxiety, and improve other behaviors that may be difficult for them to manage. 

Exercising with your dog can help both of you reach fitness goals by pushing through a certain routine or going for a run together. 

Treat Princess To A Luxurious Stay At Rocky’s Retreat

Providing your dog with a variety of experiences can do wonders for their mood and behavior. Why not let your pet have a fun and rejuvenating overnight stay with us? 

Our College Park overnight dog boarding services include grooming treatments, one-on-one attention from our staff, lots of outdoor time, and soft, comfy beds. Send your pup on a vacation of their very own at our College Park overnight dog boarding facility today. 

Sign Them Up For Swim Sessions At Rocky’s Retreat

Our College Park overnight dog boarding facility has one of Central Florida’s only temperature-controlled indoor pools for dogs. We offer canine hydrotherapy sessions, which are guided by a certified canine hydrotherapist, and fitness swims, which allow more direct interaction between you and your dog. 

While you are not able to join your dog in the pool due to safety and health regulations, you may be involved in these sessions by standing poolside and throwing balls, other toys, or providing directions for your dog to follow as they swim. Aquatic therapy and fitness swims are just two more of the many ways you may create fun memories with your pup and establish a stronger bond with them.  

Let Us Help You Create A Lasting Bond With Rover

Let Rocky’s Retreat help you continue to build upon the meaningful bond you are creating with your pooch! Contact us today and sign them up for one or more of our services at our College Park overnight dog boarding facility. Also, check out our new in-home pet care services if your pup would rather stay home and be pampered!