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Our Newest Service: In-Home Pet Care!

There are so many reasons why in-home pet care is helpful to pet owners. Maybe your dog doesn’t do well with other dogs, has a health condition, or you simply feel safer keeping them at home. Whatever the reason, Rocky’s Retreat is now offering the option for you to hire an Orlando in-home pet sitter as the solution to all of your pet sitting needs. Find out more about this new service right here! 

What Are Some Common Reasons An In-Home Pet Sitter Would Be Helpful?

Placing your dog in group settings with other dogs can provide positive benefits like socialization and variety in their exercise routine. However, there are times when in-home pet sitting just works better for you or your dog. 

Some great reasons to opt for an Orlando in-home pet sitter may be:

Whatever the reason for your interest in an in-home pet sitter as opposed to dog daycare or overnight boarding, we have the team to meet your requests! 

Option #1: Drop-In Pet Sitting 

This option is ideal for dogs who have low levels of physical dependence on their caretaker. If you select this option, our Orlando in-home pet sitter will stop by your home for a short visit during the day and perform services such as:

This service is helpful for people who work long hours during the day or have schedules that make it challenging to make the pickup and dropoff times at Rocky’s Retreat. If this describes your situation, but you are worried about how your pup will still get enough exercise while you are out or receive adequate bathroom breaks, this service is your answer. 

Option #2: In-Home Pet Sitting By The Hour

This option is perfect for pet owners who would like complete supervision for Rover but do not need extended or overnight care. 

Maybe you only need to be gone for a few hours, but you have a new puppy, and know they can’t wait two or three hours for a bathroom break. Maybe your child has soccer games on certain days of the week, and the schedule will be too tight for you to make the pickup time for doggy daycare. 

Whatever the case may be, just let us know. We will have one of our expert pet sitters come by and spend some quality time with your pooch while you are away. 

Option #3: Overnight Pet Sitting Orlando in-home pet sitter

This option is available for pet owners who will be away for more than just a few hours or overnight. 

We offer two options:

This option can be helpful for pets who are dealing with the effects of aging, have medical conditions, or experience anxiety when introduced to new places or unfamiliar dogs. 

Who Provides These Pet Services?

Your dog’s Orlando in-home pet sitter will be a staff member from Rocky’s Retreat. During their stay with your pet, they will provide walks, play games with your dog, offer belly rubs, and ensure your pet stays well-fed and hydrated. 

Our Orlando in-home pet sitters will always treat your dog with the dignity and care they need and deserve. Rocky’s Retreat highly values a method of communication known as positive reinforcement. We always aim to use this form of affirmation when interacting with any of the furry friends who attend our daycare sessions, hydrotherapy, overnight boarding, and more.   

Are you interested in seeing a live demonstration of positive reinforcement? Take a little time to watch these videos we have recorded on how to teach your dog new tricks using this method. 

Let Us Pamper Your Pooch At Home

Don’t allow a tight schedule, your dog’s health, or any other situation to keep Fido from receiving the best care possible. 

Contact us today and take advantage of this great new service from Rocky’s Retreat!