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Rocky’s Retreat Offers Playtime For Dogs In Kissimmee – Learn More About Our Outdoor Facility

Are you trying to find some fun outdoor playtime for dogs in Kissimmee? Rocky’s Retreat is the spot you’ve been searching for. 

As we get closer and closer to the summer season, you are probably searching for some spots to take your pup for outdoor adventures. While we are super lucky to have a lot of dog-friendly outdoor spaces in Central Florida, they may not always be the most convenient places to get to.

The good news is that Rocky’s Retreat offers playtime for dogs in Kissimmee in our amazing outdoor facility! Here is why you should drop your pup off to play at our facility this summer.

Lots Of Room To Run

Your dog needs a place to run around and play and get its energy out. We’ve got just the spot!

Our facility offers over 7,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play areas. These spaces are supervised and fenced in so that your pup can run around safely and get all of the exercise and activity it could possibly want.

Sandpits For DiggingPlaytime For Dogs In Kissimmee

Did you know that digging is something that many dogs do to relieve stress? It is a healthy coping mechanism if the dog has a safe space to do it – that is why we provide numerous sandpits in outdoor play areas designed specifically for digging!

These pits are perfect spots for your pup to dig and will keep them busy and entertained while they are staying with us.

Natural Outdoor Setting

Dogs tend to fare best when they are in natural outdoor environments. We know how important this is, which is why we have a strict no-artificial turf policy at our facility. 

All of our outdoor spaces have grass and dirt so that your pup can run around and enjoy the natural elements. 

Playtime For Dogs In Kissimmee – Sign Your Pup Up Today!

We can’t wait for your pup to stop by and enjoy our outdoor playtime opportunities. We have had so many dogs come by to visit and enjoy the services we have to offer, and we know that yours is going to love it too.

Here is what one happy pup parent had to share about their pet’s playtime experience:

“This place is awesome!!!! They took such great care of my two large fur babies. Not only did they make my doggies feel so comfortable and safe (which is not an easy task), but they also sent pictures and videos to keep me updated and part of the experience!!! The staff is super helpful and warm. They make the entire experience stress free from the moment you call to the time you pick up your babies. I highly recommend this place for any and all pet-cations!!!!”

Your pup is going to love to take part in our playtime for dogs in Kissimmee. Fill out the form on our website to sign them up today!