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Winter Park Dog Day Care Activities At Rocky’s Retreat

Whether you don’t want to leave your pup home alone while you go to work, or your pooch pal just needs a day of play, our Winter Park dog day care activities will keep your buddy busy. Here’s what’s in store for your pup at Rocky’s Retreat.

Just like their humans, dogs enjoy time away from their homes where they can play. They enjoy the social aspect of doggie day care, and you can feel confident that your pup is entertained and well cared for at Rocky’s Retreat. Here are just a few of the activities we offer when your pup pal spends the day with us.

Unleashed Play

Nothing beats the freedom of shedding the leash and going for an untethered run. When we schedule your dog’s Winter Park dog day care activities, unleashed play time outside is at the top of the list. Our play areas are all-natural; no artificial turf here! We know dogs enjoy sniffing and rolling in the grass, and our play area fits the bill. 

We take the time to put together small play groups of two to five dogs that get along well. This little friend group will play and rest together. Each dog’s personality and temperament is taken into consideration to ensure our doggie friends get along all day.

Time To Dig

Digging may get your buddy in trouble at home, but at Rocky’s, we provide a digging-approved area for your pup to enjoy. Our Winter Park dog day care activities always include a sand pit for your dog to dig and dig. Digging is wonderful fun and good exercise. It’s one of our doggy clients’ favorite activities!

Hydrotherapy SessionsWinter Park dog day care activities

We are proud to offer hydrotherapy swim lessons for our daycare friends. Water is great for dogs who may be older and struggle to climb stairs. Just like water exercise for humans, hydrotherapy swim lessons offer gentle exercise for older joints. Dogs struggling with arthritis, weight issues, or recovering from surgery also benefit from hydrotherapy.

You can choose between assisted hydrotherapy sessions and recreational play. Assisted sessions are a good option for dogs who may have a fear of the water, are older than seven, or are puppies. Our one-on-one sessions are also designed for dogs with joint issues or behavior issues. If your dog is young and healthy and high energy, you should enroll in a recreational session. These sessions are designed by you. Toss a ball or toy to encourage your pup to swim for the entire session.

Hydrotherapy sessions are very popular, and since most dogs benefit from regular sessions, we offer memberships. Discounts are also available when you purchase several sessions in advance.

Why Rocky’s Retreat?

Our skilled staff at Rocky’s Retreat loves each dog as if it was our own. We spend time with our pups one-on-one, and we also give them play time with each other. We have Winter Park dog day care activities for all ages, sizes, and breeds to enjoy. Contact us today to find out more about us and to schedule a playday for your pup!