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What Makes Our Maitland Doggie Day Spa The Best, Paws Down

Are you looking for a high-quality Maitland doggie day spa? Here are three reasons why our facility stands out from the rest. 

There are many Maitland doggie day spas to choose from, but how do you know which one is the best for your pup? While searching for options, you should consider the staff’s qualifications, amenities, and how they will support your dog’s overall health. Rocky’s Retreat offers various boutique day spa experiences in an intimate setting with animal professionals – and they have lots of love to give!  Here are three reasons why our facility is the paw-fect choice.

Personalized Care with Dog ProfessionalsMaitland Doggie Day Spa

Some dog facilities can be overcrowded with larger group sizes, which can be difficult to manage. Our Maitland doggie day spa offers more one-on-one attention as a benefit of our smaller dog group sizes. We limit to 12 dogs daily and split them into smaller groups of two to five dogs each. In these mini packs, the dogs develop a bond by playing and resting together during their stay. Our qualified dog trainers take the time to find a suitable playgroup for each dog based on their unique needs. At Rocky’s Retreat, our top priority is to provide a safe, healthy, and fun environment that’s customized for all of our furry clients. 

Assisted and Recreational Activities 

Another reason we should be your Maitland doggie day spa of choice is our exclusive assisted and recreational activities. One of our well-known amenities is our canine water therapy service, developed by the nation’s leaders in canine hydrotherapy. 

Hydrotherapy is proven to have a wide range of health benefits for dogs, including:  

Swim your dog healthy! Your pup can be free to have fun unassisted as well.  

Our recreational program includes:Maitland Doggie Day Spa

Our staff will also customize exercise plans for each dog’s age, breed, and physical abilities while consulting with you. We believe in going above and beyond for our pups, just as they would for us.

Day Pass, Membership Pricing, & Benefits Available

Did you know that Rocky’s Retreat offers exclusive benefits and pricing for its members? Pass packages are available starting at five to 30 days and are valid for one year from the date of purchase, with reservations required. For owners who want to bring their dog in on the same day(s) each week with a guaranteed spot, we offer a lower-cost membership option from one to five days per week. Memberships have no setup fee, no contract, and cancellation is always available anytime without penalty. Drop-off and pickup add-on services are available depending on distance, but you must call for exact pricing. 

Whether you have a small dog or a behemoth, you should choose a Maitland doggie day spa that meets their needs. Book your pup’s next self-care day with us today.