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Summer Is Coming – Our Hunters Creek Doggy Swimming Pool Is Open For Lessons

Living in Florida during the hotter months can be unbearable without a dip in the pool. You can keep your pup safe all summer long by teaching them to swim at our Hunter’s Creek doggy swimming pool!

Just like with humans, it is important that your pup learns how to swim. After all, it is a survival skill and can be life-saving if they find themselves out of your supervision and near a body of water.

With the summer season just around the corner, it is time to sign your pup up for some swimming lessons! Our Hunter’s Creek doggy swimming pool is open for business, and our staff is ready to help your pup feel more comfortable in and around the water.

Why Does My Dog Need To Learn To Swim?

Maybe you don’t have a pool at your house or don’t think it is likely that your pup will be anywhere near water at any point. While it may be unlikely, it is best that they know how to swim just in case. 

In fact, many veterinarians stress the importance of teaching your dog to swim with some alarming statistics relating to accidental drownings. 

Teaching your pup to swim is very important and it’s your responsibility as a pet owner, so don’t wait for the summer to roll around! Get them enrolled in one of our lessons as soon as possible to avoid any preventable accidents.

Rocky’s Retreat Hunter’s Creek Doggy Swimming PoolHunter's Creek Doggy Swimming Pool

The good news is that teaching your dog to swim is as easy as dropping them off at Rocky’s Retreat.

We are a dog boarding facility fully equipped with everything needed to give your pup a proper swim lesson. We have a dog-friendly, chemical-free pool that is ready to go whenever you can get your dog here.

Our pool is indoors which allows us to hold lessons any day of the week, no matter how unpredictable the Florida weather decides to be.

After just a few lessons, your pup will have mastered a very important survival skill, and you can have peace of mind knowing that they are safe to be in and around the water during the warm summer months.

Call Us Today To Schedule A Lesson!

It is your responsibility to take care of your pup, and teaching them to swim is incredibly important considering the sheer amount of pools and water all around Central Florida. 

Our staff is highly trained and ready to teach your dog everything it needs to know about being in the water. If you are interested in touring our facility or are ready to sign your pup up for a training lesson, fill out the form on our website today!