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Long Day At Work? Here’s Why In-Home Pet Care Is Right For You!

You just came home from a long day at work and Fido runs to greet you, then glances expectantly toward the door. As you get ready to head outside with him, you think for a moment about how much he would benefit from having some extra TLC while you’re gone during the day. Orlando in-home pet care with Rocky’s Retreat has come to the rescue! 

There never seems to be a shortage of activities that require our attention on a daily basis. Between work, making sure everyone is out the door on time, helping with homework, and making sure you are getting enough exercise during the day, it can sometimes be a challenge to make sure that your dog receives the care they need. Thankfully, there are options available for busy pet owners. The team at Rocky’s Retreat wants to share more about the importance of providing regular care to your pet and how our pet care services can help you accomplish this goal

How Much Attention Do Dogs Require Each Day?

Is your Australian Shepherd a self-proclaimed introvert? Does your husky beg for playtime even in the middle of the night? Given all of the variety that exists among dog breeds, it’s no surprise that there is just as much variety in their personalities, temperaments, and levels of social need. Even though there are differences in levels of necessary activity for different dog breeds, the American Kennel Club shares that most dogs should have a dedicated two hours of social time each day. 

If you’re busy most days of the week, it can be difficult to make sure your pet receives all of the love and attention that you want for them. That’s where Orlando in-home pet care comes into play. Any time you have a busier-than-usual schedule or if you believe that your dog could use more exercise or playtime than you’re able to give, you can schedule some extra care time with one of our in-home pet sitters. 

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need Every Day?

Your pet’s physical health is another great motivation for taking advantage of Orlando in-home pet care. Exercise is one of the most important parts of your pup’s happy and healthy life, and just as it is for humans, dogs need to have some way to relieve feelings like loneliness and boredom, or burn pent-up energy. Without a physical outlet, they can develop cognitive health problems such as anxiety and depression. It’s important to make sure that your pet stays active throughout the day, and signing them up for Orlando in-home pet care is a convenient way to help them stay physically and cognitively fit. 

Signs That Your Pup Will Benefit From Orlando In-Home Pet Care

Besides the fact that all pets require sufficient attention, recreation, and nutrition to thrive, there are some additional signs to watch for that indicate your dog may be dealing with anxiety, boredom, or loneliness during the day. Here are some signs that these conditions may be affecting your pet:

If your pet has been showing any of these signs, whether they happen while out of the house or while you’re at home, in-home pet care can help them get outside or play a game to relieve boredom or other stressful feelings. This service can also be helpful if you have a pet that has any unique health-related needs. Maybe they are recovering from a medical procedure or have age-related challenges. If this sounds like your pet, consider in-home pet care to help them be more comfortable while you are away.  

Are These Services Strictly For Dogs?

Our in-home pet care services are available for any household pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, lizards, fish, snakes, and spiders. As long as there are directions for care, our pet sitters will provide food, water, and any other necessary care for your furry (or scaly) friends. 

As an additional service, our pet sitters are able to provide certain household tasks. If you need to have your trash taken out to the road for pickup, need someone to bring the mail in the house, or any other task that your schedule prevents you from accomplishing, we can help. 

What Hours Are Our Pet Sitters Available?

We offer three time frames for our in-home pet care services:

Drop-In Visits

During these 30-minute visits, a pet sitter will provide service that includes activities like playtime, walking, refilling any food and water dishes, or cleaning out the cat litter.  


Hourly visits are great for pet owners who want care that extends beyond the basic feeding and walking services but do not need overnight care. This service is ideal if you have a highly social or high-energy dog at home, they are in the process of being housetrained, or have some other need that requires a little extra attention each day. There is a three-hour minimum time frame for these visits. 


Overnight visits are available for pet owners who will be traveling, working overnight, or any other situation that doesn’t allow them to be home for an extended period. We offer 12- and 24-hour time frames for these visits. 

What Services Do Our Pet-Sitters Provide?

No matter which service you select, our pet-sitters offer services such as:

If your pet has any special nutritional needs or has a favorite toy or game they enjoy playing, make sure to let us know. Our in-home pet care services are intended to relieve some of your stress and maintain your pet’s daily routine. Let us know what ways we can make this experience the most helpful for you and your pet! 

Don’t Let A Busy Workday Give Your Pet The Blues

There’s no reason to worry that a busy schedule will prevent any of your animal friends from having their needs met. Allow Rocky’s Retreat to help! 

Contact us today and sign them up for Orlando in-home pet care.