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Is An Orlando Doggie Day Camp Good For Dogs?

Did you just get a new puppy or dog? Or maybe you got a new job and no longer have a lot of time to spend with your furry friend. Whatever the case, Orlando doggie day camp is an excellent way for your dog to get all the attention and care he or she needs.

Orlando doggie day camp

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Orlando Doggie Day Camp?

Lots of people get a little anxious at the thought of leaving their dog at a daycare facility. We totally understand! They are – after all – a member of your family. We know that you want them to be safe while you’re not with them, so that’s why we thought it’d be a good idea to discuss a few of the benefits of daycare to ease your worries. 

If you have been working from home for the past several months and are starting to go back into the office, your dog is probably going to be unpleasantly surprised at not having you home with them all day anymore. Or even if you are still working from home, sometimes it can be tough to focus on work when your dog constantly wants to play and wants your attention. So why not treat them and yourself by taking them to doggie day camp at Rocky’s Retreat so they can get their energy out while you focus on work – perfect for those evening snuggles after the workday is done.


Exercise plays a major role in the life expectancy of your dog. Eating right and getting plenty of exercise will ensure that your dog is on the road to leading a long and healthy life. At Rocky’s Retreat, our Orlando doggie day camp will get your dog up and at ’em. Our expert staff members will play with your pup one-on-one as well as find other puppy playmates with a similar energy level for them to run around with. 

We provide fun, off-leash play in a natural outdoor setting, and we even have a sandpit for those doggos who prefer digging to running. We also ensure that your dog is getting the appropriate amount of exercise for his or her age, breed, and physical condition.


Doggie day camp is a great way to get your dog acclimated to social settings and other dogs. We determine who your dog can play with based on others similar to them in size, weight, breed, activity level, etc. And we always keep them in a supervised environment. By dropping your dog off at day camp, you are helping them develop their social skills. That’s way better than them just laying around the house all day.

Orlando doggie day camp

Mental Stimulation

When your puppy is at our Orlando doggie day camp facility, he or she will be mentally stimulated. Not only will we ensure your dog is getting physical exercise, but we’ll also make sure their brain is getting a good workout. Our training reinforcement will have your dog wanting to show off his or her talents and what they learned while at day camp.

To learn more about our Orlando doggie day camp and how it can benefit your fur child, contact us today. We’d be happy to schedule a free tour for you to get a better feel of our facility, and we’d love to have your dog come play with us!