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Should I Hire An Orlando Dog Sitter Or Take My Dog To Day Camp?

If you’ve been trying to decide on care for your dog while you’re away during the workday, or maybe while you’re away on a vacation, you might be looking for an Orlando dog sitter. But that’s not your only option. 


Orlando dog sitterAs all pet owners know, pets become part of your family. You want the very best for them, just as you do your human children, and always want to make sure they are taken care of.


So you may be considering an Orlando dog sitter to help give your pup some extra TLC while you’re at work or out of town. But have you considered doggie day care instead? We’ll break down for you the pros and cons of each to help you decide.


Orlando Dog Sitter

One of the perks of using a dog sitter can be that they come right to your house to let your dog out or take them for a walk. Instead of your dog laying around at home while you’re at work all day, they might get an hour of exercise. Your pet would also get some one on one time with another person. But using an Orlando dog sitter can also come with its own drawbacks.


Let’s say you planned an out of state vacation, hired a dog sitter, and then hopped on your flight ready for some R & R. Then you get a text notification on your phone…and it’s the dog sitter. 


“Sorry, something came up and I can’t watch your dog this week.”


Instead of kicking off a relaxing vacation, you’re suddenly faced with the choice to cancel everything and head home, or make some emergency plans for your pet. 


Not only that, but you may have to decide if you can trust a stranger in your home while you’re away. Not every dog owner is comfortable with that.


What are My Options?

What if there was a choice besides an Orlando dog sitter? One that would give your dog personalized attention, exercise, and socialization, and came with no risk of a cancelled vacation or that phone call when you’re in the middle of an important meeting at work. There is another option: Rocky’s Retreat doggie day care.


Dog Day Camp

Our state of the art facility offers so many great services for your dog, and choosing us for day care means that your pet will get all the great attention they need with no risk of a last-minute cancellation. And we offer more than just day care. Our other services include:orlando dog sitter


Sending your pet to dog day camp means that he or she is getting the very best care. Our staff are animal lovers, fully trained in Pet CPR and First Aid, follow any special dietary needs, and distribute any medications prescribed.

No matter your dog’s breed or activity level, there is something for everyone. We offer easy monthly membership pricing, or day passes. Members also get free nail trims and ear cleanings, so your best friend will be looking great while having fun. Don’t wait another day to schedule doggie day care with Rocky’s Retreat, give us a call or fill out our online contact form. We are looking forward to meeting your pup.