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Looking For An Orlando Dog Wash? Book Our Dog Bathing Services

Did you know that most vets recommend that you should bathe your dog at least once a month? We know it can be hard to fit that into your busy schedule — that’s why Rocky’s Retreat is the Orlando dog wash you’ve been looking for!

As a dog owner, you should know that most dogs require a bath at least once a month. That being said, some dogs can make bath time a real challenge. Whether they hate water or they are just too big for you to control on your own, bathing your dog can be a really big hassle, and that is why we are here to help.

Rocky’s Retreat is one of the top-rated Orlando dog wash facilities in the Central Florida area. We are equipped to bathe all types of dogs, big or small, and even offer some additional cleaning services. We are a one-stop shop for all things related to dog bathing and cleaning, and are here to make sure your pup is well taken care of.

Basic Bath and Cleaning Services

As one of the best Orlando dog wash facilities, Rocky’s Retreat offers a basic bathing package to cover all of your dog’s needs at one affordable price. Our basic bath package includes:

All of these services help to make sure your dog is looking its best and that it is healthy! Regular baths can help to keep your pup’s skin feeling fresh and clean, and they also greatly reduce the risk of your dog developing health issues related to bad hygiene. Keeping up with regular bathing practices is very important, and we are here to make it easy for you.

Additional Cleaning Services

Orlando dog washWhile our basic bath packages include a variety of cleaning services, we also offer some add-on options, like nail trimming and teeth brushing. 

We can add one or both of these services to our signature bath package. This way, your dog can have everything done in one quick trip. We work hard to keep your dog feeling its absolute best after just one visit to Rocky’s Retreat.

Rocky’s Retreat is the Orlando Dog Wash You’ve Been Looking For!

If you have been looking for a highly rated Orlando dog wash facility, Rocky’s Retreat is the place for you. Our staff is well-trained and prepared to pamper your dog from the second they walk into our facility until the moment they leave.

If you have any questions about our bathing services or would like to come and visit the facility, fill out the form on our website. We are looking forward to meeting you and your pup!