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How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need? Our Maitland Dog Daycare Can Help

Exercise is an incredibly important part of overall health. In the human world, we have access to countless workouts, tips on how long and how often to exercise, and so much more! When it comes to our dogs, physical activity is just as important. At Rocky’s Retreat, our Maitland dog daycare center will provide tons of physical activity for your dog and improve its overall health. 

Why Is Exercise So Important For Dogs?

We know that physical activity in general contributes positively to your dog’s health, but let’s break it down a little more. A dog’s activity level impacts not only its body, but also its brain health. Just like humans, dogs can experience emotional and mental health difficulties such as anxiety and depression. If your dog is receiving adequate levels of exercise, he or she will be less likely to exhibit destructive behaviors that can result from pent-up anxiety, boredom, or loneliness. 

When your dog exercises, every physical system in their body is positively impacted, including:

Keeping these systems in good condition is so important for your dog’s health and happiness. What a great motivation for getting them up and running each day! 

Doggie Daycare Can Help Meet Your Pup’s Exercise Needs

Activity levels for dogs can vary depending on their breed, but it is recommended that dogs receive around 30 minutes to 2 hours of exercise per day. At Rocky’s Retreat, we have a variety of services that will help your dog meet this recommended time frame. 

Your dog will have the opportunity to exercise with other dogs as well. We have two playgroups that are organized based on your dog’s energy levels and physical condition. If your dog is a breed that has high energy, we will place them with other dogs who need similar levels of activity. If your dog has a more introverted personality or is dealing with the effects of aging, we have playgroups that will be suited for them as well. 

Sign Rover Up For HydrotherapyMaitland Dog Daycare

Our Maitland dog daycare facility also has an indoor pool where your dog can come for a recreational swim, or participate in a hydrotherapy session. Hydrotherapy is a physically and mentally stimulating method of activity for your dog. It can target specific physical conditions that your dog may have. For instance, if your dog is recovering from surgery or another medical condition, our hydrotherapists are trained to work with your dog according to its physical capability and comfort level. Canine hydrotherapy isn’t just a fitness trend. There are some great studies that support its value. 

Recreational Swims At Rocky’s Retreat

Besides hydrotherapy sessions, we also offer recreational swims for your dog. This type of swim session does not follow a specific routine the way a hydrotherapy session would, so recreational swims can accomplish many different goals, including:

For this session, you will participate poolside by throwing balls or other toys to your dog while they are in the water. Because you are highly involved in the recreational swim sessions, recreational swims can be a good choice for dogs that tend to be shy around new people. They will have the comfort of your presence while being able to enjoy some fun in the waves.

If you would like to see your dog become a stronger swimmer, we also offer swimming classes for dogs at our Maitland dog daycare pool. Many dog breeds naturally love a dip in the pool, but others who experience anxiety around the water. If this sounds like a familiar scenario when you take Fido to the beach, swimming lessons may be the answer.

Our Staff Will Exercise With Your Pup

Rocky’s Retreat was created with the goal of giving our best to all of our canine friends. We know how much you care for your dog, and we want to provide that care to them as well. Our staff will spend quality time with your pup when they stay with us, whether that is for our doggie daycare sessions or boarding overnight. 

Our staff participates in walks and runs with your dog, will play a game of fetch with them, or simply give them a relaxing back or belly-rub to make them feel right at home.  

Contact Us Today! 

No matter what kind of exercise makes your dog’s day, it is offered at Rocky’s Retreat. Contact us today and schedule your pup’s stay at our Maitland dog daycare!