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How To Prepare Your Puppy For Maitland Puppy Boarding

Boarding your dog when you’re out of town is a great way to ensure that your dog is thoughtfully cared for while you’re away. At Rocky’s Retreat, your dogs can enjoy an intimate setting with small playgroups and lots of personal attention. Here’s how to prepare your puppy for Maitland puppy boarding.

What is Dog Boarding?

Dog boarding is a service where your dog is cared for and housed by a boarding facility in your local area. These boarding facilities usually provide a range of services to keep your dogs happy, healthy, and safe while you’re away from home. If you’re looking to board your dog so that your family can enjoy a vacation, here are some tips on how you can best prepare your pup for his Maitland puppy boarding adventure. 

Morning Drop-Off

Try to drop your dog off as early as possible in the morning. Our goal is to make you and your dog feel comfortable, and the earlier you drop off, the more fun your dog will have! They will have the whole day to get used to the new surroundings, noises, smells, and new people and dogs.

Start Adjusting Your Dog’s Sleeping Habits Maitland puppy boarding

We love our four-legged friends, so we sometimes snuggle with them at night. If your dog sleeps in bed with you, sleeping away from home will be an adjustment. Start preparing a few weeks before your dog’s stay with sleep training. Provide lots of comfortable bedding and toys. Add treats to their bedding to encourage them to relax and lie down. These repetitive routines will help your dog acclimate to sleeping without you.

Keep a Consistent Diet

Everyone loves to spoil their pup, and we can’t help it sometimes, but keeping a consistent diet leading up to your dog’s stay is essential. This allows your dog’s body to be balanced before their stay. It also helps prevent an upset stomach when adjusting to a new area and space. 

Make Sure Your Dog Is Up-to-Date On Their Vaccinations

Vaccinations and flea prevention are essential for the safety of your pup and other pups at the facility. Two weeks before boarding, call your veterinarian and ask if your pup is current on all his vaccinations. Make an appointment to get caught up if any are needed, and be sure to get a copy of your dog’s records before leaving the office.


Letting them go is the hardest part. You can’t wait for the trip you’ve been planning for so long, but then it hits you, you’ll have to say goodbye to your dog. All the worries begin to flood your head, and within minutes, you are checking if the hotel is refundable. We promise that your dog is in safe and loving hands. We at Rocky’s Retreat believe in providing attention, love, fun, and personalized care that you won’t find elsewhere. With your dog’s health and well-being on top of our minds, Rocky’s Retreat is your dog’s ultimate vacation destination

 What Does A Rocky’s Retreat Stay Look Like?

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