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How Pine Hills Doggie Daycare and Boarding Can Help With Your Holiday Travel Needs

The holiday season is right around the corner! Which means friends, family, delectable home-cooked meals, and the gift of giving! But, with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you may begin to wonder what you’ll do with your best friend. No, not your human companion. Your canine one! Pine Hills doggie daycare and boarding from Rocky’s Retreat is the perfect solution for all of your holiday pet care needs. 

Today we’ve put together a comprehensive introduction to the world of doggie hotels, doggie daycares, and boarding facilities.

No matter how far you’re traveling this holiday season, it’s important that your pet is in safe hands. Continue reading to learn more about the awesome benefits of Pine Hills doggie daycares and boarding facilities!

What’s the Difference Between Doggie Daycare and Boarding?

The main difference is doggie daycares are used for short-term stays while boarding facilities are more long-term. Both offer a wide variety of services that suit a plethora of pups with varying degrees of medical, physical, and social needs.

Boarding Facilities

A boarding facility is a great option if you’re traveling out of town. You can’t always take your dog along, which may lower your holiday spirits, but don’t let that get in the way of your dog enjoying the holiday season!

Think of a boarding facility like a hotel for dogs that provides medicine, examinations, food, and even training exercises!

Medicine & Food

Whether you’re the calm or nervous owner, your pet’s medical needs will be dutifully accounted for. Qualified professionals are more than happy to take care of both your dog’s food and medical needs.

Learning New Tricks

Taking your pet to a boarding facility can strengthen the skills your dog already has. In addition, many boarding facilities teach your dog to step out of its comfort zone through stimulating games that both entertain and educate your dog.

Doggie Daycares

Doggie Daycares are the perfect option for a holiday weekend getaway! No, not you! For your dog, of course. The last thing you want is to leave your dog alone for too long, as this leads to disobedient behavior like excessive barking or chewing. Take your dog to a doggie daycare and they’ll blow off some much-needed steam.

Doggie MixersPine Hills doggie daycares and boarding facilities

Doggie daycares create spaces for dogs to meet and play with each other; making them especially beneficial for puppies who need to develop their social skills. Dogs are social animals, just like us! They need interaction and healthy relationships with other dogs. Doggie daycares also provide care from trained professionals, allowing your dog to get the added human interaction they may need.


Happy dogs exercise. It’s that simple.

Less active lifestyles can be damaging to your dog’s mind and body. Dogs who spend a lot of time alone learn to adapt to a slow-paced routine, which can lead to weight and mobility issues. Take your dog to a doggie daycare and they’ll be able to run, jump, bark and play to their heart’s content!

Peace of Mind

Pine Hills doggie daycares and boarding facilities are like vacations for your pet, and are a great place for your pet to burn some energy, get a good night’s rest, and go back to being a dog during busy holidays. Contact our Pine Hills doggie daycare or boarding facility today and put your dog’s paws in safe, caring hands this holiday season!