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Five Fun Activities that Provide Mental Stimulation for Dogs

Are you worried your pup isn’t getting enough mental nourishment throughout their days at home? The good news is there are so many fun and healthy ways to provide mental stimulation for dogs and we are here to show you just how to do it!


Dogs are great companions and deserve to be given all the love and attention the world has to offer. Unfortunately, your 9 to 5 job and busy lifestyle may make that a far-off dream. 


The good news is that even short bits of mental stimulation can make a huge difference in your dog’s mood and overall health! Try adding a couple of these quick and simple activities into your daily routine and see the amazing progress your pet can make in no time at all.


Head to the Dog Park

If your dog gets along well with other animals and people, then you should head to the dog park on a regular basis. Even just one night a week can do a whole lot of good for your pet’s mental state.


Social activity plays a huge role in mental stimulation for dogs and can keep them youthful and healthy for a very long time. 


Buy a New Toy

While your dog may have some favorite toys that are old and scrappy, it isn’t a bad idea to mix things up a bit and bring home a brand new toy for them to play with. 


You can even take them with you to pick out their next toy. This is a super fun way to offer mental stimulation for dogs and is sure to make them very happy!


Change Up the Walking Routine

It can be really easy to fall into a habit and walk the same exact route every single time you leave your house. Any walk is a good walk, but why not make things a little bit more exciting?


By finding new paths or trails to head out on, you will be offering a much more stimulating experience for your dog. You never know what you might see or run into and your dog is going to be so eager to explore a new environment!


Try Some New Tricks

Turns out, to provide mental stimulation for dogs you can (and should) teach an old dog new tricks! Yes, it may take a little bit more time and effort, but dogs are always willing and eager to learn.


Food and toy rewards are a great incentive to use and may be just the thing to help your pup learn a new skill or trick. 


Some of the best skills to work on with your dog are:


These tricks come in handy in many situations and will help to keep your pet’s behavior and listening skills in check.


Look into a Doggie Day Care

If you are at all worried you don’t have the time or capabilities to devote to keeping your dog mentally stimulated, don’t fret! That’s where we come in.


Rocky’s Retreat, is a great place for mental stimulation for dogs. All of our activities will keep your dog entertained from the moment they are dropped off to the moment you bring them home.


If you are interested in learning more about how our doggie day-care can help your pup’s mental health, call us today or schedule a tour to see what Rocky’s Retreat is all about!