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Hydrotherapy And Canine Mental Health: How They’re Connected

If you’re familiar with canine hydrotherapy, you’ve probably heard about the many physical benefits this activity provides. Did you know that hydrotherapy is also linked to your pet’s cognitive health? The Packing District dog hydrotherapy team at Rocky’s Retreat wants to share more about the value of hydrotherapy for your dog’s physical and mental well-being.  

As a pet parent, you want to do all you can to make sure your dog is healthy and feels their best at all times. However, even when you are doing all you can, there are still conditions, such as anxiety, depression, or other medical problems, that are difficult to manage or that are out of your control entirely. If you have tried a few methods of helping your pup and nothing seems to work, canine hydrotherapy could be just the thing they need. The popularity of this form of therapy has seen an uptick in recent years and is an effective way to positively impact your pooch’s mental and physical health

How Do I Know If My Dog Is Experiencing Anxiety?

Most dogs will experience anxiety from time to time. For example, fireworks on the 4th of July, thunderstorms, or the introduction of a new pet to the family can all serve as triggers. It can be challenging to watch your pet face the symptoms of anxiety even if it is only periodic, but it is even more concerning to watch them experience chronic anxiety. Here are some symptoms of canine anxiety to watch out for:

Canine Depression – What Does It Look Like?

If you or someone you know has experienced depression, you know that it can significantly impact the quality of that person’s life. The symptoms of depression that appear in canines are not all that different. 

The American Kennel Club shares some signs that could indicate depression, including:

How Is Hydrotherapy Unique Compared To Other Forms Of Exercise?

Water therapy is an effective form of treatment for canine health conditions for many reasons. The buoyancy and viscosity of water are two of the main reasons why this form of therapy provides unique benefits that are not achievable through land-based exercises. 

Buoyancy is a property of water that creates the effect of weightlessness. When your dog is in the water, there is no physical effort necessary for him to remain at least somewhat afloat. 

Compared to land-based exercises, the buoyancy that water provides makes it far easier for pets with conditions such as hip-dysplasia or obesity to participate in physical exercise that does not place stress on other parts of their bodies. 

Viscosity is another natural property of water that aids in the effectiveness of hydrotherapy. If you aren’t sure what viscosity means, this term is used to indicate how easily a liquid does or does not flow. For example, slow-moving and highly dense liquids, like molasses or honey, have a high level of viscosity, and a fluid that freely runs, such as water, has lower viscosity. Water is around 50 times more viscous than air, so it creates much more muscle resistance than outdoor exercise.

Thanks to water’s natural buoyancy and viscosity, Fido’s hydrotherapy sessions at The Packing District dog hydrotherapy pool will strengthen and condition any sore joints, tendons, and muscles, without the high levels of impact that are present during land-based exercise.  

How Your Pet’s Physical Health Is Linked To Their Mental Health The Packing District Dog Hydrotherapy

The better the condition of your dog’s physical fitness, the easier it is for them to participate in playtime, chase a ball, and all of the other fun activities that they love. 

One of the most valuable qualities of canine hydrotherapy is that it is effective in treating a wide variety of canine health challenges, including: 

If your dog has been diagnosed with a medical condition, is recovering from a medical procedure, or you just want to help them to improve their strength, hydrotherapy can help them deal with the challenges that come along with these conditions. Canine hydrotherapy also helps to mentally stimulate your dog, which is another effective way to combat any anxiety, depression, or other behavioral challenges they may have. 

Any form of exercise will also improve production of endorphins and serotonin, which are two hormones that help to create feelings of well-being and improve cognitive function. If your dog struggles to perform land-based activities or you are looking for a new form of exercise to add to their routine, The Packing District dog hydrotherapy is a great way to keep them active

Who Guides The Hydrotherapy Sessions?

All of our hydrotherapy sessions are conducted by a certified canine hydrotherapist. The training and certification that our hydrotherapists must receive ensures that your pet’s sessions are carried out by someone who has experience and can safely assist your dog while they swim. 

Our sessions are held in our facility’s temperature-controlled pool. The warm and consistent temperature provides optimal comfort and ease of motion for your pup during their sessions. 

What Other Pet Parents Are Saying

Here are some recent reviews that others have shared about their pet’s experience with Rocky’s Retreat:

“Holly is our VERY senior dog and has been to Rocky’s quite a few times. You can tell the staff treats their clients well when you drop your pet off and they are so happy and relaxed. Nothing but positive things to say about Rocky’s and their excellent staff. Always a great experience.” – Linda G.

“My dog LOVES going to Rocky’s Retreat when we go out of town without him. The accommodations are awesome and I know he’s comfortable when he’s there. We pay extra for him to get swim time at the pool and a bath at the end of his stay right before we pick him up. I get a daily report card complete with photos and/or videos. Every single worker at this facility puts their heart and soul into their work and you can just see the love for the animals ooze out of them. I hate to leave my dog behind but I feel good knowing that he’s living his best life here while we are gone. Highly, highly recommend!” – Kaley D.

Defeat Canine Anxiety And Depression With Dog Hydrotherapy

There’s no reason to let the symptoms of mental or physical health conditions keep your pet from living their life to the fullest!

Contact us today to give them a fun and rejuvenating session of The Packing District dog hydrotherapy.