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Need Aqua Therapy For Dogs In The Packing District? Learn About It Here

Are you looking for aqua therapy for dogs in the Packing District of Central Florida? If so, you’ll be happy to know that there is a state-of-the-art canine hydrotherapy facility just around the corner. At Rocky’s Retreat, we have the only climate-controlled, indoor, warm water dog pool in Florida. Read on to discover how our specialized aqua therapy programs can benefit your pup. 

Hydrotherapy uses water therapeutically to promote physical fitness, health, and healing. The therapy style is quickly becoming a popular fitness and recovery practice to improve canine health, but the concept has been around for millennia. 

What Is Hydrotherapy?

Over the years, scientists and health professionals have found that exercising in water provides natural buoyancy and resistance, offering a low-impact environment for strengthening and conditioning muscles without adding stress to joints and ligaments. 

Hydrotherapy in a warm water environment also promotes increased blood flow throughout the body, lowering blood pressure, relaxing muscles, and relieving pain associated with range of movement activities. 

Aqua Therapy For Dogs

Aqua therapy for dogs stemmed from the world of horseracing, and the practice was adapted and implemented in the greyhound racing industry. From these beginnings, the health practice for canines transformed into different therapeutic styles.

Health professionals have found that canine hydrotherapy specifically targets and activates unique muscle groups that need to be strengthened while naturally minimizing a dog’s discomfort. The water resistance causes dogs to exert extra effort on the push and pull range of motion activities related to muscular strengthening and conditioning. Additionally, placing canines in an aquatic environment reduces the weight-bearing factors of exercise. 

Pool-Based Aqua Therapy For Dogs In The Packing District

At Rocky’s Retreat, we offer different aqua therapy options for dogs. We have two types of specialized packages:

Assisted Hydrotherapy Sessions

Dogs that undergo our assisted hydrotherapy programs are accompanied by a trained and certified hydrotherapist who guides the entire session to ensure safe and sound methods. These sessions are often for recovery and therapeutic purposes and are customized to each canine’s unique health needs. Generally, we recommend that dogs participate in one-on-one assisted sessions if they are:

Recreational Hydrotherapy Sessions 

Our facility also offers recreational hydrotherapy options, and these sessions are generally fitness and exercise related. We regularly have canines come to our pool to practice for and recover from American Kennel Club (AKC) competitions. Recreational hydrotherapy is ideal for dogs that can swim proficiently and are:

Rocky’s Retreat Provides The Best Aqua Therapy For Dogs In The Packing District

At Rocky’s Retreat, we have developed our own unique method of canine water therapy called Canautics, based on research from the leaders in the canine hydrotherapy industry. Our team is here to help keep your pup happy and healthy for life. To learn more about aqua therapy for dogs in the Packing District, reserve an appointment for a specialized session or schedule a free tour of our facility.