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Home Away From Home – How Our Staff Makes Us The Best Dog Boarding In Pine Hills

Your pet is part of your family. Here at Rocky’s Retreat, we know the stress that furry friends and their owners can experience leading up to a boarding stay. Our expert staff aims to make your dog’s time at the best dog boarding in Pine Hills feel like their home away from home. Your precious pup is in the best hands at Rocky’s Retreat.

Why Do Dogs Need Extra Care During A Boarding Stay?

Owners often ask our knowledgeable staff how to treat and remedy the anxiety their pets experiences before a boarding stay. Canines experiencing some forms of separation anxiety may:

Generally, these actions are forms of canine coping. However, if separation anxiety remains unchecked, it can leave your home a mess and your dog in harm’s way. 

Our Team Keeps Your Canine Cared For And Comfortable

Our trained staff is here to care for all of your pet’s personalized needs during their short or long stay at the best dog boarding in Pine Hills. Team members are certified in pet First Aid, canine CPR, and dog hydrotherapy. 

What Our Staff Can Offer Your Pet At Our Facility        

The extensive time, training, and research that our staff has put into their passion for caring for animals plays a significant role in their love for engaging with your pet. The Rocky’s Retreat team keeps your pet’s mental and physical health and well-being a top priority during their time boarding at our facility. Our overnight boarding packages include:

Specialized Services 

We believe these amenities, our caring team, and the specialized services offered at our premier facility make Rocky’s Retreat the best dog boarding in Pine Hills. Along with lots of love and attention from our team to keep your pet’s separation anxiety at bay, we also offer additional services to keep your pet happy and healthy during their stay. 

Our facility is the only climate-controlled, warm water canine hydrotherapy pool in Florida, and our team loves letting our dog guests enjoy it for recreational and recovery time. 

Owners can also add the following to their dog’s boarding stay:

Experience The Difference Our Team Makes at the Best Dog Boarding In Pine Hills

best dog boarding in Pine HillsOur staff’s top-notch care and attention to each canine at our facility would be next to impossible to find elsewhere. We take a personalized approach to every pet’s individual needs. Choose Rocky’s Retreat for your dog’s next extended stay and discover why our team makes this facility the best dog boarding in Pine Hills. Schedule a tour today!