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Need Affordable Dog Boarding In Orlando? Here’s Why We Should Be Your First Choice

Are you finding it challenging to locate affordable dog boarding in Orlando that provides the best service to your canine friend? If you have this problem on your hands, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover why boarding at Rocky’s Retreat is the most cost-effective and comprehensive option for your pup’s well-being.

Visitors from out-of-town and area locals utilize our services, daycare options, and boarding packages. At Rocky’s Retreat, we aim to grow our resort’s reach and benefits by providing the highest quality service to your beloved pets while keeping prices affordable. Here’s how we do that:

We Ensure That Every Guest Is Our VIP

At our pet resort, we make it our mission to treat every dog like our VIP guest. We welcome all dogs to board at our facility regardless of breed, age, health, or temperament. We want each furry friend lodging with us to feel right at home. For this reason, we offer some of the most comfortable and cost-effective doggie suites you could ever hope to find. Each room’s design helps your pet feel secure and comfortable.

If you need affordable dog boarding in Orlando, you’ll want to check out our overnight lodging options. We have areas ranging from a roomy 4’x4’ suite to a spacious 8’x4’ option. Our dog boarding suites include:

Owners can easily add assisted and fitness swim options to their dog’s boarding stay. We also offer large outdoor play areas and regular one-on-one time with our team members for lots of love and attention.    

We Invest In Adding Specialized Services

At Rocky’s Retreat, we have a 7,000-square-foot Canine Health and Fitness Center and one of the only climate-controlled, indoor hydrotherapy dog pools in the entire state of Florida. People travel from all over the Central Florida area and beyond to receive services from our state-of-the-art facility.

Hydrotherapy: One of the most popular services we offer is hydrotherapy. Generally, the canines that receive this specialized care suffer from arthritic pain, joint injuries, or need post-operation rehabilitation. Our certified team members provide the regime, assistance, and support needed to help these canines improve their physical health and quality of life.  

affordable dog boarding in OrlandoWater Fitness: Not only does our climate-controlled indoor pool benefit dogs with ailments and recovery, but it also aids those dogs in training for athletic competitions. Many new guests bring their competitive canines to nearby American Kennel Club (AKC) competitions, and they utilize our pool for swimming practice and training while in the Orlando area. Additionally, our team works with many dogs in this aquatic environment to help them achieve fitness goals and assist some in learning to swim.

Our investment at Rocky’s Retreat to upkeep and maintain our canine pool is important to our team because we know it will significantly benefit many of the canines that visit and board at our facility. 

Specialized Grooming: Coming soon to our pet resort will be additional day spa service options provided by a certified dog grooming specialist. Some of these options will include luxurious doggie baths, blueberry facials, and fluff trim options to keep your dog’s hygiene and appearance in tip-top shape. 

Discover Affordable Dog Boarding In Orlando At Rocky’s Retreat Today

Our highest-quality boarding options are available to your canine friend at the most competitive rates. If you need affordable dog boarding in Orlando, schedule a tour of our pet resort today and discover the Rocky’s Retreat difference for yourself. Feel free to give us a bark!