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Boarding 101: Top Tips For Doggy Boarding In Hunter’s Creek

Going on vacation shouldn’t be fun just for you; it should be fun for your dog too. Here are some tips to keep in mind when your furry friend is enjoying doggy boarding in Hunter’s Creek.

Your dog is part of your family and you want the best care possible for Rover while you’re away. It can be tough to find just the right place where you feel comfortable leaving your sweet pup, so we came up with a few tips to give you peace of mind when seeking out doggy boarding in Hunter’s Creek.

Before Your Boarding Appointment

Plan A Visit

Dogs can experience anxiety when they’re put into unfamiliar situations. Just like people, dogs need a period of acclimation in order to be at ease in a new location. At Rocky’s Retreat, we recommend bringing your dog in for a visit before your scheduled boarding. We welcome visitors who want to see our facilities and meet our dedicated staff before deciding to make a boarding appointment. Consider a play-date appointment to give your pup a few hours with us to get comfortable.

When you’re ready to bring your pup back for his boarding stay, he’ll be more comfortable with his vacation surroundings. 

Provide Your Pup’s Medical Records

Our staff wants to make sure your dog is properly cared for, and providing their medical records lets us know if there are any conditions we need to be on the lookout for. Review procedures for medical emergencies and how your pet will be treated if it’s necessary. Also, check the vaccination requirements of your doggy boarding in Hunter’s Creek. At Rocky’s Retreat, we require proof of current vaccinations at least 72 hours prior to the boarding stay.

Discuss Optional Doggy Boarding In Hunter’s Creek Services

Spa Packages

At Rocky’s Retreat, we offer several options to beautify your bubs while you’re away. Don’t you love a little pampering while you’re on vacation? We think your pup does too! From baths to blowouts and teeth-brushing, we can make your pal feel relaxed. 


Rocky’s Retreat also offers hydrotherapy to our guests. Whether your pup needs special care or just likes to splash around for fun, our certified instructors can work in the water with your furry friend to give him a stay he won’t forget.

Boarding Day

Arrive Early

Even if you and your pooch have visited the boarding facility before, on the day of drop-off, we recommend that you arrive a little early to give your pal some time to re-acclimate to their surroundings. You want to make the “see you later” a sweet one and not a stressful one. If your pup is happily playing with his new friends, he won’t be so sad to see you walk out the door. 

When it is time to say goodbye, make it quick and happy. Dogs can sense your anxiety and your happiness. If you appear happy, they’ll feel better about you leaving.

Bring Their Food

Most facilities that provide doggy boarding in Hunter’s Creek allow doggy parents to bring their pup’s food. This is especially important if your pup is on a special diet but it also helps with the transition to a new home-away-from-home. Having something familiar in their bowl can be a comfort in a strange place.

Bring A Favorite Toydoggy boarding in Hunter's Creek

If your dog has a lovie that he sleeps with or a favorite chewy toy that gives his jaws exercise, you may want to bring it, but you should probably avoid squeaker toys (for obvious reasons!). You can also bring a piece of your clothing to give your pal a reminder of you and give him some comforts of home.

When considering doggy boarding in Hunter’s Creek, we know you have options. Our caring team at Rocky’s Retreat would love the privilege of taking care of your sweet Sadie while you’re away. Contact us today to set up a visit.