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5 Common Dog Grooming Mistakes And How Our Orlando Dog Grooming Helps You Avoid Them

Proper grooming is an important part of providing the healthiest life for your pup, but did you know that even something as basic as hygiene for your pet can come with some risks involved? Our Orlando dog grooming team at Rocky’s Retreat is sharing some common mistakes that can occur when grooming your dog. Better yet, take them to the professionals at Rocky’s Retreat and avoid mistakes altogether!

  1. Infrequent Bathing

Regular bathing is an important part of your dog’s overall health. Making sure that they are regularly bathed by a groomer helps them to avoid skin irritation that may come from dirt or other debris that may get stuck in their fur. Having your dog bathed by a professional can also give them a chance to have their skin examined for any irritation, ticks, fleas, and other pests. Even if your dog doesn’t have any of these problems affecting their health, having someone bathe your dog on a regular basis can help to prevent any of these from occurring. Grooming professionals can spot things that you may have missed and help you learn more about overall fur and skin health for your pet. 

  1. Not Knowing Certain Tips For Brushing Your Dog

Brushing your dog’s coat is a great way to reduce excess hair and buildup on their skin. When it comes to bathing, it is also important to know how brushing can help give your dog the best results. Brushing your dog before bathing helps to reduce tangles in your dog’s fur, and brushing after bathing helps to remove any hair that may have fallen out during the bath. When you bring your dog to Rocky’s Retreat for a bath, our Orlando dog grooming team will make sure to thoroughly brush your dog so that he or she receives optimal results from their groom. Your dog will also receive a full blow-dry following their bath to complete the look and ensure that no excess fur remains on their coat.  

  1. Nails Trimmed Too ShortOrlando Dog Grooming

While it is important to keep your dog’s nails trimmed, there is a chance that you may trim your dog’s nails too short, which can cause you to accidentally hit a nerve. There is also the possibility that you could nick your dog’s paw while trimming. Accidentally cutting your dog’s nails too short also puts them at risk for infection.

The tools, techniques, and experience that professional dog groomers have will reduce the chances of these types of mistakes taking place. 

  1. Bathing Too Often

Infrequent bathing can create problems for dogs, but so can bathing too often. If a dog is bathed too often, their skin can become irritated, and it can create a higher risk for infection. If you bring your dog to Rocky’s Retreat for our Orlando dog grooming service, our groomers can discuss a schedule for your dog’s bathing regimen that will keep them clean and their skin and fur healthy. 

  1. Getting Water Into The Ears

Just as with humans, if water from bathing gets trapped in a dog’s ears, it can create a painful infection. If you notice that the insides of your dog’s ears appear abnormally red, they are shaking their heads repeatedly, scratching or digging in their ears, or otherwise behaving as though they are experiencing ear discomfort, it may be the result of an infection. Our groomers are trained to use techniques that will help to avoid this uncomfortable experience.

Schedule Rover’s Relaxing Day At The Spa

Don’t allow your pup to lose any sleep (or fur) due to a bad haircut. 

Contact our Orlando dog grooming team today, avoid any of these possible grooming mishaps, and keep your pup looking and feeling ready for anything.