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The Ultimate Pine Hills Dog Bathing Guide: Tips And Tricks

Providing great grooming is one of the best ways to keep your pup looking and feeling their best. Our Pine Hills dog bathing team at Rocky’s Retreat shares some ways to ensure your dog receives the best grooming treatment around. 

Schedule Regular Grooming Appointments

Keeping regular appointments with your dog’s groomer is important because it ensures that your pup’s hair doesn’t become matted, unmanageable, or mask underlying health problems. Health problems that can hide beneath your pet’s coat can include skin irritation, cysts, or pests such as ticks or fleas. Even if you regularly brush your dog’s coat, these types of problems can still be relatively easy to miss. 

Rocky’s Retreat has just added to our grooming services, which now include everything from a basic bath to a full blow-dry, cut, and style. You may also opt to have your dog’s nails trimmed and ears cleaned. We also always thoroughly brush the coats of dogs we groom. 

Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Brushing

Brushing a dog’s coat helps to remove any excess hair that may have been shed, and also leaves your dog’s coat looking and feeling great. Brushing is also one of the best ways to maintain your dog’s coat in between grooming sessions. 

Talk With Your Dog’s Groomer

It is important to discuss factors that will help give your pet the best groom possible. Your dog’s environment, level of activity, and daily routines play a part in what kind of haircut they would be most comfortable with. If one of your favorite activities with your dog is taking runs in the woods, it might be helpful for them to receive a haircut that is less likely to become tangled or dirty. When you bring your dog to a Pine Hills dog bathing appointment at Rocky’s Retreat, our groomers can discuss any of these points so that your dog will receive the best results. 

Diet And Exercise Contribute To Skin and Coat Health  

It’s no secret that your dog’s diet and exercise regimen impact their health in huge ways. It’s worth mentioning that one of the best tips for keeping your dog’s coat looking and feeling great comes from what they eat and how physically healthy they are. You can always speak with your dog’s veterinarian to find out how to best care for your dog’s nutritional and activity needs, but in general, it’s important to:

Suggestions for other exercise opportunities for your dog include:

Don’t Forget Dental HealthPine Hills Dog Bathing

Brushing your dog’s teeth can often be a challenge, but it’s an important part of keeping your dog healthy. If you struggle to brush your dog’s teeth at home, you can count on our Pine Hills dog bathing team to provide this service when you bring your dog to their grooming appointment. Monitoring your dog’s dental health can help them to avoid an unwanted trip to the veterinarian down the road. 

Bring Your Dog To Rocky’s Retreat For A Bath! 

Even if your dog is not signed up to receive a full grooming service, it is beneficial for the health of their skin and coat to receive regular baths. Maybe your dog jumps right in when they are offered a bath, or maybe they are anxious around water and run to hide behind the couch when bathtime rolls around. Whatever your dog’s comfort level around the water may be, our groomers are trained to provide relaxing baths that take temperament into account. If bathing your dog at home often proves to be a struggle, our Pine Hills dog bathing team is here to help. 

Let’s Get Your Pooch Booked! 

Contact our Pine Hills dog bathing team today and allow us to give your dog a great groom!