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Why Pay For Orlando Dog Walking Services When You Can Drop Them Off At Day Care Instead?

If you’ve been on the hunt for Orlando dog walking services, have you considered day care instead? Your dog will love it, and we think you will too! Here’s what doggie day care has to offer.


Orlando dog walking servicesEvery dog needs exercise, and the amount of exercise necessary varies based on breed, age, and overall health. Many dog owners turn to dog walking to get those steps in, and even though you enjoy every moment spent with your pet, not everyone has time or ability for lengthy walks. If this is your situation, you might be looking for Orlando dog walking services.


How Orlando Dog Walking Services Work

A dog walking service will come to your home, pick up your dog, and take them on a walk nearby. The average price for a 30 minute walk is $20, with a range anywhere from $10-$60, depending on your location. Your dog walker will also pick up after your dog during the walk, and then return your pet to your home. 


But what if there was another option besides Orlando dog walking services? One that gives your dog hours of socialization, mental stimulation, and personalized attention? 


Doggie Day Care

There is something just like that: doggie day care at Rocky’s Retreat. This great service gives your pup an entire day of play, not just 30 minutes. It also provides off-leash play time in a natural environment (no artificial turf!), a sand pit to get their fill of digging, and exercise tailored to breed, age, and ability. 


If you’re worried about large group sizes, we took care of that too. Rocky’s Retreat limits our day care to just 12 dogs per day, and then we split them into groups of 2-5. This ensures that no pet is overstimulated or overwhelmed, and gives plenty of time to rest up for more play. Our animal-loving staff takes time with your pet to practice training reinforcement, provide regular brushing, and give plenty of love.


Is Doggie Day Care More Expensive than Orlando Dog Walking Services?

We know you would pay just about any amount to improve the quality of life for your beloved pet, but you don’t have to worry about high price tags at Rocky’s Retreat. Our transparent pricing can bring your pet care costs down to less than $30 per day with one of our monthly membership plans. And if day to day is more your speed, we offer a wide variety of Pass Package options


Plus, if we are comparing costs for 30 minutes of dog walking versus an entire day of supervised play – it’s an easy choice. 


Another added bonus to bring your dog to Rocky’s Retreat? All the great additional services we offer:Orlando dog walking services


If you have any questions, or you’re ready to schedule your pup’s next visit to doggie day care, contact us. We can’t wait to add your dog to our pack.