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4 Ways We Make Our Orlando Kennel Your Dog’s Home Away From Home

Making arrangements for your dog’s care while you’re away can be a challenging task. Even more so if your dog faces the effects of a medical condition, struggles with anxiety, or faces difficulties related to aging. Our team at Rocky’s Retreat wants to simplify this task for you by providing a great “home away from home” at our Orlando Kennel.  

We Have Fully Trained Staff Members

Our staff members at Rocky’s Retreat are fully trained to meet the needs of your dog. If your dog has a more withdrawn or anxious personality, we can provide more peaceful playtime activities that will not increase its stress levels. If you decide to bring your dog for a stay with us, we want to make sure that they receive all of the love and attention that they receive at home. Our staff will spend time getting to know your dog and carefully decide how to best care for them while they are here. 

We Have Playtime Orlando Kennel 

We have separate playgroups at our facility. Whether your dog has boundless energy or enjoys more relaxation in their leisure time, we have playgroups that are organized to meet these individual needs. It can be difficult for older dogs to interact with other higher-energy friends, so our social group for dogs that desire a more laid-back atmosphere is perfect for a pet with this energy level. 

Because your dog will certainly be missing you, we want to provide the friendliest and most comforting atmosphere for them until you return. It is important to us that they feel they are loved and supported if they have challenges in new environments. Sometimes meeting new friends can be a great way to beat the homesick blues. 

We Have Great Accommodations

Your pet will have its very own space at our Orlando kennel. The rooms we offer for dogs vary slightly in size and price, but they all offer comfortable beds and a relaxing environment for your pooch to sleep each night. 

After your dog has had a restful night’s sleep, they can go for an invigorating swim in our pool! Many dog breeds naturally love to spend time in the water, which makes this option a great resource for your pet. We conduct a preliminary physical evaluation of each dog that comes to Rocky’s Retreat so that we can ensure they are safe to enjoy this great opportunity for play and exercise. Water provides many health benefits that are not as easily achievable through other forms of exercise. We have some great testimonials that share how canine hydrotherapy and swimming have helped some of the other dogs we have met. 

We Have Nutrition Regimens Personalized For Your Dog

We provide regular mealtimes and medication distribution for your dog while they stay with us. We will discuss your dog’s nutritional or medical needs in a preliminary evaluation. Once we have the information needed to best care for your dog, we will provide food, water, and anything else your pooch needs so that his stay feels as close to home as possible. Maybe your dog has a favorite treat they enjoy or a specific kind of dog food that helps them stay energized and healthy. We will keep their nutrition and snack times on track while they are at Rocky’s Retreat. 

We also make sure to take care of your dog’s hygiene needs. We offer nail trimming and ear cleaning, and even a going-home bath that will be sure to give your pup a great ending to an awesome stay with us. 

Bring Your Dog To Our Orlando Dog Kennel At Rocky’s Retreat!

We want to help ease any concerns about your dog’s safety and well-being while you are away. That’s why we aim to offer your dog the highest level of care possible while they stay with us. 

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