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Orlando Pet Boarding

Orlando pet boarding is something we specialize in and love doing. Here’s why you should choose us for your pet boarding.

Not sure where to leave your pooch while you’re gone? Look no further than Rocky’s Retreat. We would love to have your dog and we can also say we have a good feeling that your dog will love staying with us too; here’s why!

Our Orlando Pet Boarding

Orlando Pet Boarding

When you think of Orlando pet boarding, do you think of cages or crates? You don’t have to think like that anymore. We have suites that you can choose from to make sure your dog sleeps well while you’re away. Our boarding options start at the Garden Suite (4×4 in size) at $45 per night and go all the way up to our larger rooms like Beachside, Prince or Princess Suite for $60 per night.

These suites help your dog sleep well so they’re ready and excited to see you when you’re back.

Need someone to watch your dog while you’re away on business? Leave that to us! We’ve helped multiple families and friends with their dogs when they didn’t know what to do. We offer tours of our facility so you can feel comfortable leaving your dog with us while you’re away


Orlando Pet Boarding

We offer a ton of amenities including a swimming pool, 7,000 square feet of playing and running-around space with bath options too! Not only that but we offer a ton of personal attention for your dog. We’ll play with them, pet them and make sure they’re given lots of love while you’re away.

If you’re looking for a place you can count on and trust to give your dog lots of love and attention, then Rocky’s Retreat is your go-to spot for Orlando pet boarding. Call us today to schedule your walk-through and tour; we look forward to meeting you and your pup!