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The holidays are approaching and traveling to see family can feel impossible with a pup. Rocky’s Retreat was created to give you one less thing to worry about when searching for dog boarding in Orlando. Tis the season to be with your family! However, traveling afar can be difficult with a pup to care for….

Orlando pet boarding

Orlando pet boarding is something we specialize in and love doing. Here’s why you should choose us for your pet boarding. Not sure where to leave your pooch while you’re gone? Look no further than Rocky’s Retreat. We would love to have your dog and we can also say we have a good feeling that…

Orlando dog daycare

When looking for Orlando dog daycare, you have many options. Here’s why you should trust Rocky’s Retreat to keep your pup happy and healthy while you’re away! Rocky’s Retreat has been in business since 2006 and was founded originally as a canine health and wellness practice. Then, in April 2017 April Cox and her husband…