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5 Features Every Orlando Pet Resort Should Have

Are you looking for an Orlando pet resort for your dog to stay while you’re on vacation? Maybe you would like to find some more ways to keep your dog active throughout the week. Here are five features you should look for when making your choice.

Knowledgeable Staff 

Our staff at Rocky’s Retreat is experienced in how to give your pet the best stay possible at our Orlando pet resort. If you choose to bring your dog here for the day, we have staff that will be present to monitor the playtime or swims that your dog may take part in. Your dog will have access to food, water, and treats during the time they are here. If your dog is staying for a longer period of time, we have staff that will be there to help your dog stay active and healthy while you are away.

Fun Ways To Exercise 

At Rocky’s Retreat Orlando pet resort, we have a full-sized swimming pool where your dog can play. We also have two playgroups that are divided by the size and energy levels of the dogs. Just like people, dogs have different personalities, energy levels, and ways they enjoy interacting with others. If your dog has a more laid-back personality or needs to be in a more peaceful environment, we have one doggy play-group that is perfect for your pup. Alternatively, if your dog loves to jump around and play with other high-energy friends, we have a play-group that is organized with this in mind. Exercise is something we highly value at Rocky’s Retreat. When it comes to the continued health and well-being of your pet, this is one of the most valuable steps to take. We hope you and your dog can come and experience all of the fun, excitement, and great ways to stay active that our facility provides! 

Comfy Places For Your Pet To Sleep 

Our facility also has great amenities for your dog when they need a rest. If your dog is staying with us while you are on vacation, we have comfortable beds available for your dog in each room. We want your dog to feel at home during their stay, so we have a cozy atmosphere for rest time and for sleeping at night. 

A Poolorlando pet resort dog pool

Another great feature we have at our Orlando Pet Resort is our full-sized swimming pool. Many dogs absolutely love swimming, and it’s even more fun with friends. Swimming is one of the greatest forms of exercise because it relieves the stress that may be placed on the body during other activities. Because the water removes the level of impact that is placed on the dog while they are in the water, swimming provides a way to both improve your dog’s health while keeping them entertained.  We have group recreational swims for dogs as well as guided hydrotherapy sessions that provide a variety of benefits to your dog.

Good Friends

One of the other benefits of bringing your dog to our Orlando pet resort is that they will get to meet new friends! Giving your dog time to interact with others is a great way to help them learn, and will give them a great mood boost as well.  If your dog is extremely social, they will have a fantastic time interacting with other dogs while they are here. Don’t worry – we have specific regulations that we require our visitors to abide by to ensure that your dog is safe while playing with others. If your dog has a more withdrawn personality, he or she can also play with a smaller group of dogs, or even with some of the balls or other toys we have available for each of the dogs that come to stay. 

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