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Orlando Dog Sitting Rocky’s Retreat Style: Why It’s Better Here

Are you a pet owner who is struggling with the decision to leave your pet at home during the day? Perhaps you are planning a trip and your dog is unable to come along. Many pet owners consider the option of Orlando dog sitting to stay with their dog while they are away.

Dog boarding at Rocky’s Retreat is a great alternative for many reasons. We want to share some of these with you today. 

Pet Sitting Can Be Expensive

Because a pet sitter has to stay with your dog for the entire time you are away, and sometimes even overnight, it can be much more expensive to pay for a sitter as opposed to a doggie daycare. At Rocky’s Retreat, we want your dog to receive all the love and attention they would receive from a Orlando dog sitting, but at a lower cost to you. 

Each of our team members at Rocky’s Retreat is trained to meet the needs of the dogs in our care. We ensure that your pet will be fully attended to during their stay in our facility. If your dog requires special care because he or she is more anxious, we have staff who can participate in stress-reducing activities with your dog. If your dog is more energetic, we have staff who are excited to play a fun game of fetch.

Dog Boarding At Rocky’s Retreat Provides More Social Time 

Another benefit of doggie daycare is that your dog will be able to meet and play with new friends! We have doggie playtime at Rocky’s that will allow your dog to play and run around with other dogs while they are staying with us. This can be an excellent option for your dog if they are the only dog at home and would get bored or lonely while you are away. Even though a pet sitter would keep your pet company, allowing your dog extra time to socialize can be a great way for them to expend more energy and learn more about how to socialize with other dogs. 

We Have A Pool At Rocky’s Retreat!

There are so many benefits that a good swim can offer to your dog while they are staying with us. We have a temperature-controlled pool where your dog can splash away and enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of swimming. Your dog will be evaluated at the beginning of their stay to ensure that they are able to participate in water activities. Each swim session is carefully monitored by a trained staff member to make sure everyone has fun and stays safe! 

You can also sign your dog up for a hydrotherapy swim session with one of our certified canine hydrotherapists. If your dog will be staying with us while they are recovering from surgery or another medical condition, hydrotherapy is a great way for them to continue reaching their wellness goals while staying at Rocky’s Retreat in Orlando. 

We Keep Your Dog Eating Healthfully 

During your dog’s stay with us, we make sure that its nutritional needs are met. We always have fresh water, food, and treats available. If your dog has any special dietary needs or a favorite snack they enjoy, we will be sure to include these in their routine each day. 

We Offer Personalized Care Orlando Dog Sitting 

At Rocky’s Retreat, we keep our dog-to-staff at a five-to-one ratio. This is to ensure that your dog stays safe and happy. Any indicators that your dog needs a break or is becoming anxious around other dogs will be quickly spotted so that they may receive the care they need. 

We also offer updates each day, have a well-maintained, clean facility and give personalized attention to all of our friends here at Rocky’s.

We also provide hygiene care for your pet while they are with us. This includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, brushing, and bathing. If your dog is staying overnight, we offer a going-home bath that will have them fresh and ready to go! 

We Have Cozy Dog Hotel Rooms

We understand that it can be a difficult transition for dogs to visit an unfamiliar environment. If you will be gone for several days and need to board your dog with us, we have comfortable, individual rooms for each dog where they will have a place to relax each night of their stay. 

Contact Rocky’s Retreat In Orlando To Schedule An Appointment! 

Whether you are just looking for Orlando dog-sitting for the day while you’re at work or you would like to board your dog with us for a longer stay, we have the expertise and resources to give your pet the care they need. 

Contact us today to book your dog’s stay!