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4 Reasons to Take Your Dog to an Orlando Dog Hydrotherapy Pool

Orlando dog hydrotherapy pools offer a lot of health benefits for dogs. Learn more about how a hydrotherapy session at Rocky’s Retreat could help your dog today!

Hydrotherapy is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for your dog to get exercise. Numerous health benefits come from this form of exercise, so why is it not already a common practice? The truth is, not many facilities have the equipment needed to offer these beneficial services. If you have been looking for an Orlando dog hydrotherapy pool, Rocky’s Retreat has got you covered. 

Hydrotherapy is an incredible thing. It can greatly help your dog to feel its absolute best. Here are four reasons why you should book an appointment at our Orlando dog hydrotherapy pool as soon as possible!

Low-Impact Cardio

Swimming and hydrotherapy sessions are great ways for your dog to get in some low-impact cardio exercise. Our hydrotherapy sessions are guided by skillful trainers who make sure that your pup is properly working its way through the exercise. Additionally, scheduling time for low-impact cardio exercise guarantees positive, long-lasting impacts on your dog’s health. Our Orlando dog hydrotherapy pool offers an easy way for them to do it.

Pain and Stress Relief

Hydrotherapy sessions also help to alleviate chronic physical and mental conditions. If your dog has arthritis or has been diagnosed with anxiety or a related stress disorder, you should schedule a hydrotherapy session to help them find some relief from their symptoms.

Behavioral Help

If you feel that your dog could use some additional training or behavioral help, you will be happy to hear that our Orlando dog hydrotherapy pool may be the solution! Our guided swimming sessions can help to calm your dog down and allow our trainers to work through behavioral issues as they arise. 

Muscle Strengthening and Injury RecoveryOrlando Dog Hydrotherapy Pool

Water therapy is also a very powerful treatment plan for dogs recovering from injury or muscle degeneration. Our trainers can help to strengthen your pup’s muscles through guided exercises that are low-impact, and can help them to get their mobility back after an injury. This way, your dog will be able to heal much faster.  There also will not be the risk of causing more damage or injury to its muscles. 

Visit Our Orlando Dog Hydrotherapy Pool Today

Overall, there are so many amazing health benefits that can come from even just a few hydrotherapy sessions. No matter how old or young your dog is, we guarantee that they could see positive results from one of our guided sessions. 

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of hydrotherapy, or if you would like to come to visit our Orlando dog hydrotherapy pool, contact us today!