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3 Reasons Hunter’s Creek Swimming Therapy for Dogs is Perfect for Your Pet

Are you still on the fence about trying swimming therapy for your dog? Here are three reasons why Hunter’s Creek swimming therapy for dogs is something you should sign your pup up for as soon as possible!

If your dog has any injuries, joint issues, or even behavioral issues, we have just the thing for you at Rocky’s Retreat. Hunter’s Creek swimming therapy for dogs is an amazing thing that can help your dog in so many notable ways. 

Many experts say this incredibly useful form of therapy is one of the best things you can do for your dog! If you aren’t sold on trying Hunter’s Creek swimming therapy for dogs, here are some more things to consider. 

Assisted Therapy and Recreational Sessions

Hydrotherapy doesn’t always have to be so serious. In fact, many of our sessions provide a balance of therapy and recreation for your pup! We work to make sure that your dog is getting the assistance it needs while performing the hydrotherapy movements, though we also aim to make it an enjoyable experience from start to finish. 

Swimming Therapy Reduces Pain and Inflammation

If you have an older pup or your dog has recently been dealing with muscular or joint pain, we can not recommend our hydrotherapy services enough. Swimming therapy is an excellent way to address these issues and can help your dog to feel a lot better, even after just a few sessions. Don’t just take it from us – here is what one of our happy clients had to say about the progress her pup made after some hydrotherapy sessions at our pool:

“My dog, Radar, had spinal surgery a little over a month ago to repair a slipped disc that was preventing him from moving his back legs.  Despite having the surgery, the vet said that there was still a chance that Radar may never walk again, but if he did it could take months for him to even stand up on his own. Luckily Radar is a determined little guy and was trying to stand and hold himself up in a matter of days. After a few weeks of strict bed rest, the vet wanted Radar in advanced physical therapy so we started going to Rocky’s. Radar has been swimming for a few weeks, and has made significant progress! In a short time, Radar can now walk without any support!”

Our Hunter’s Creek swimming therapy for dogs can make a huge difference for your dog!

Hydrotherapy Helps With Behavioral Issues

Hunter's Creek Swimming Therapy for Dogs

Swimming therapy doesn’t only help with physical ailments. It also helps with behavioral issues. Many behavioral issues in dogs stem from them having too much energy with no outlet. Swimming is a healthy and safe activity that will help them to divert their energy in a healthy way.  This will help them improve on any bad habits they may have and ultimately reduce their behavioral issues. 

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