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What Sets Our College Park Dog Pool Apart From The Rest

Swimming is a great way to give your dog both exercise and excitement. Water activities offer therapeutic benefits and are a great way to add variety to your dog’s routine. At Rocky’s Retreat, we have the College Park dog pool that will have your dog begging for a swim!

How Do Dogs Benefit From Swimming?

Water provides numerous benefits to dogs that go way beyond just recreation. The properties of water are such that it creates less resistance than physical activity that is performed on the land. This means that your dog will have to exert less physical force to receive the same benefits that other forms of exercise provide. They will experience less wear on their bodies, which means that regular swims can be a great option for puppies and senior dogs alike. 

Our team at Rocky’s Retreat makes every effort to provide a variety of activities to enhance the health and wellbeing of our canine friends. This is why we have invested in the resource of an indoor swimming pool at our facility. It offers so many benefits, from just having fun to building great overall health for your pet.  

We Have Hydrotherapy Sessions

Water isn’t just for fun and games – although we’d like to think that even our hydrotherapy sessions are a blast for all of the dogs that participate! Canine hydrotherapy is a specific type of aquatic treatment that can help dogs rehabilitate from surgeries or other medical conditions. This type of therapy can also be part of a regimen to achieve an optimal weight or improve range of motion for joints. It helps dogs to build strength and can help reduce anxiety as well. We have a trained canine hydrotherapist who will guide your dog through each step of the session. You can sign up for just one session or participate in several over a period of time. This is an awesome way to help your pup get back on their paws or simply to give them another way to improve their mental wellness.

Recreational SwimsCollege Park Dog Pool

Our recreational swims are a great way for your dog to enjoy the water with other friends. This type of swim provides exercise and socialization among other dogs who also love the water. During these swim sessions, your furry friend can enjoy the water freely with the other dogs participating in the session. Your dog can exercise their natural love for the water if they are already acclimated swimmers, or they can even overcome a fear of new situations and build confidence if they are less familiar with the water. 

Because of our safety standards, every dog is required to sign up for at least one assisted swim prior to participating in the recreational swim. We want to make sure your pup feels totally comfortable and is in good condition to enjoy the water. If they still need a little encouragement, we have the option of swim lessons as well, which we will learn a bit about next. 

We Offer Swimming Lessons! 

Even though many dog breeds naturally love the water, venturing into new depths can be a challenge for others. That’s why we offer swimming lessons at our College Park dog pool! If your dog doesn’t have much experience in or around water, it can be stressful or even dangerous for them if they cannot swim well. It may surprise you to know that some dogs need encouragement and skill development when it comes to staying afloat. Our trainers will work with your dog through each session and help them to gradually become more comfortable in aquatic environments. 

Our Pool Is Temperature-Controlled

We offer one of the only temperature-controlled pools for dogs in the College Park area! Although many dogs love water no matter what time of the year it is, having a pool that is adjusted to optimal temperatures allows your pet to swim as long as they like without getting cold. Our pool’s temperature will allow dogs to receive health benefits and have fun at the same time. We also have a separate room where your dog can dry off at the end of the swim. This keeps them warm, smelling fresh, and keeps the seats in your car clean and dry.  

We Have Trained Staff On Duty At All Times

We always have staff present when dogs are in the water. When your dog is participating in a swim at our doggie daycare, overnight boarding, or during a regular session, there will always be a trained team member observing the dogs and making sure they stay safe while enjoying the water. 

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