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5 Signs You Should Take Your Dog To A Winter Park Dog Hydrotherapy Pool

Canine hydrotherapy has grown in popularity over the last several years. If you’re wondering if it’s a good choice for your pet, you’re in good company. Let our team at Rocky’s Retreat discuss 5 signs you should take your dog to a Winter Park dog hydrotherapy pool this summer!

#1: Your Dog Struggles With The Effects Of Arthritis

Arthritis is a concern for many aging dogs. It is difficult to watch your furry friend endure the effects of this condition, but canine hydrotherapy can be a part of the solution. The reason why hydrotherapy is so effective for the treatment of arthritis is due in part to the buoyant properties of water. 

When a dog affected by arthritis participates in land-based activities, the associated impact can serve to irritate and further inflame the arthritic joints. In the water, your dog does not have to bear weight, so they may strengthen their muscles and tendons without irritating the affected areas of their bodies. The effects of canine arthritis make it much harder for your dog to experience all of the fun and activity they would like and can create an ongoing cycle of chronic pain. If your pet tries just one session, we are sure they will be begging you for more!  

#2: Your Dog Experiences Anxiety 

Anxiety in dogs may show up in different ways. Some of the signs your dog may be affected by anxiety include:

Anxiety in dogs can worsen over time and may be due to factors that you have little influence over, such as the natural effects of aging, or distressing outside noises like fireworks, lawnmowers, or other dogs. Thankfully, evidence indicates that canine hydrotherapy can improve the symptoms of canine anxiety and help your pup deal better with triggers. 

Aside from the natural benefits that come from water therapy, signing your dog up for canine hydrotherapy sessions at our Winter Park dog hydrotherapy pool gives them another opportunity to experience the joy of engaging in a fun physical activity. 

#3: Your Dog Absolutely Loves The Water (Or He Doesn’t)

Many dog breeds are naturally attracted to the water. If your dog is one of these, canine hydrotherapy may be a great option! While hydrotherapy is useful for targeting specific health conditions, it does not need to be reserved for this purpose alone. Hydrotherapy is a great way to provide cognitive stimulation and variety in your pet’s exercise routine. If your dog is always begging to go for a swim, make sure to add some hydrotherapy sessions to their bucket list this summer! 

If your dog lies on the other end of the spectrum and isn’t the biggest fan of water activities, canine hydrotherapy may function as a more gradual and individualized way to increase your dog’s comfort levels in the water. This can be beneficial as a safety measure if you own a pool or otherwise spend a lot of time near the water. It never hurts to try new things, and our canine hydrotherapists can help give your dog greater confidence and ease their fears around water. If you’d like to sign your pup up for swimming lessons, we offer those too!

#4: Your Dog Is Recovering From Surgery Or An Injury

Hydrotherapy is beneficial for dogs that have undergone surgery or some other medical condition, or are recovering from an injury. 

Some injuries take longer to heal if they are placed under the stress that land exercise often inflicts. On the other hand, hydrotherapy is a non-weight-bearing activity, so it can help to aid in faster recovery for dogs who have had surgery or are dealing with the effects of an injury. Make sure to ask your dog’s veterinarian what their opinion on canine hydrotherapy is if you believe this may benefit your dog’s recovery. It could turn out to be the perfect form of exercise to get them back up and ready for action! 

#5: Your Dog Needs More ExerciseWinter Park Dog Hydrotherapy Pool

Canine hydrotherapy is one of the best ways to help your dog drop a few pounds. If your dog has been overweight for some time and struggles with the effects of obesity, water therapy may be the answer. 

Just as in humans, obesity in dogs can result in unhealthy amounts of stress being placed on the heart, joints, hips, and other systems in the body. You may be familiar with the term “opportunistic eating.” This behavior, which is present in dogs and other species of animals, means that the animal eats whenever food is available, and whether or not they truly need to refuel.

Dogs are included in the category of opportunistic eaters, and it is not uncommon for them to consume more calories than necessary for their daily needs. Add in a busy schedule that may not allow you to take your pup out for the time necessary to combat overconsumption, and weight problems can be the result. 

Hydrotherapy assists in improving this aspect of your dog’s health by allowing them to move through the water without forcing more stress onto their legs and hips. This creates a great workout routine that targets the dog’s entire system without placing undue force on the rest of its body. 

Bring Rover Over For A Swim!

Improved physical health, cognitive benefits, and reduced stress are just a few of the many reasons for your furry friend to take a swim in our Winter Park dog hydrotherapy pool. 

We hope you will take some of these points as a sign that it’s time to schedule them for one or more sessions this summer! Contact us today!