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Spend The Dog Days Of Summer At The Best Orlando Pool For Dogs

As we approach mid-summer in Orlando, there’s little question that taking a dip in the pool is one of the best ways to beat the summer heat. Our team at Rocky’s Retreat shares some reasons why your pup should spend these hot summer days at the best Orlando pool for dogs. 

Our Pool Is Safe For Your Pup

Are chlorinated pools safe for dogs? This is an important question to ask when considering what environment is best for your pup when they want to take a swim. While chlorine is safe for humans in regulated amounts, this chemical is likely to cause irritation for canines, specifically to their ears and eyes. That’s why we treat our pools with ozone, not chlorine! This creates a perfect environment for your pup when they want to take a dip in the pool with no side effects involved. 

Our pool is located indoors, which provides a cool, comfortable escape from the summer heat. It is also temperature-controlled to further create optimal levels of comfort. 

We Provide Canine Hydrotherapy Sessions

There are so many reasons why canine hydrotherapy is a great activity for your pup. The buoyancy of water creates a low-impact form of exercise that is ideal for dogs who are suffering from the effects of conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia, for example, because they are able to move through the water without the force that walking or running involves. 

This form of water therapy is also helpful for:

Even if your dog is not dealing with any medically-related health conditions, hydrotherapy is an excellent way for them to experience more variety in their exercise routine, and is a great way to improve their overall health in a fun and mentally-stimulating way. 

All of our hydrotherapy sessions are guided by a certified canine hydrotherapist who will remain in the water with your dog at all times. They will guide them through a series of exercises and fun activities that will have your pup begging for their next swim session at our Orlando pool for dogs!  

Catch Some Waves With A Recreational Swim SessionOrlando Pool For Dogs

These swim sessions are an awesome way for your pup to enjoy some fun in the water. One of the most exciting things about our recreational swim sessions is that you get the chance to guide the session! While you are not able to join your dog in the pool due to safety regulations, our recreational swims allow you to stand on the side of the pool and interact with your dog while they swim. You may throw balls and other toys to your dog, give them encouragement or commands, and join in their experience in a personal way.

This type of session can be a great way for you to improve communication with your pup and work on any training that you’ve been doing at home. Taking your pet to the best Orlando pool for dogs is just another way to bond with them, help them get more exercise, and de-stress all at the same time. 

Drying Off

Our pool also has a separate drying room where Fido can dry off before he climbs in the car and returns home. 

This is an important step in creating the best experience for your pet when they go for a swim at our Orlando pool for dogs. Any remaining dampness can cause troubling conditions, such as ear infections, so it’s important that your furry friend receives a thorough drying-off period after they exit the pool area. 

Come Swim With Us! 

Don’t let the heat put a stop to your fun this summer! Bring Rover on over for a day of fun in the waves. Contact Rocky’s Retreat today and enjoy the best Orlando pool for dogs.