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How Winter Park Hydrotherapy for Dogs Can Help Strengthen Your Pup

If your pup is new to swimming or recovering from an injury, Winter Park hydrotherapy for dogs can help strengthen their mind and body. We’re sharing a few ways hydrotherapy can benefit your pup in the long run.

Winter Park Hydrotherapy for DogsHelps With Flexibility

If your pup suffers from bone or joint conditions, such as arthritis or dysplasia, Winter Park hydrotherapy for dogs can help with your pup’s flexibility. Since swimming is a non-weight bearing exercise, your pup has the time and space to go at their own pace. Regular sessions can help build muscle tone, loosen joints, increase flexibility, and increase cardiac fitness.

Exercise With a Certified Instructor

When you bring your pup to Rocky’s Retreat for hydrotherapy, we give them the VIP treatment (Very Important Pup). Our certified canine hydrotherapist can guide your pup through recreational swims. We recommend a half hour session for these swims, which gives your pup a continual swim for around 20 – 25 minutes. You can stand by to watch your pup get their workout on or throw a tennis ball for a playful swim.

What sets our hydrotherapy sessions apart from others? 

It Can Help With Your Pup’s Mental Health

Regular exercise like hydrotherapy can also reduce your pup’s stress, pain, and anxiety. Getting your pup in motion in the pool is a way to naturally reduce and prevent inflammation and promote blood circulation. Swimming is considered to be an ideal exercise for recovery since it’s a low-impact activity for your pup.

Book Winter Park Hydrotherapy for Dogs Session

Bring your pup to Rocky’s Retreat to get started with hydrotherapy sessions. Our certified canine hydrotherapists will be here for your pup every step of the way. We’ll customize your pup’s session to make sure your pup feels comfortable. Starting Winter Park hydrotherapy for dogs can help improve your pup’s overall health. We offer sessions in intervals of 30 minutes and 1 hour. Schedule your appointment with us today!