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How Orlando Dog Water Therapy Can Help Your Pet

If your dog is recovering from an injury, struggling to climb stairs and walk, or dealing with a variety of other health problems, then Orlando dog water therapy is the answer. Rocky’s Retreat is Central Florida’s only canine aquatic facility with certified aqua therapists.


Humans have been using hydrotherapy for its health benefits for decades, and now we’re seeing the impact it can have on our canine companions as well. It’s an excellent addition to any treatment plan by offering your dog the chance to perform non-weight-bearing exercises at their own pace. Here’s how our Orlando dog water therapy can help.


How Do I Know My Pet Needs Hydrotherapy?

Although hydrotherapy is helpful to almost any dog, there are some with specific needs that it’s especially good for:


Why Is Orlando Dog Water Therapy So Beneficial?

When your pet is participating in a hydrotherapy session with one of our therapists, they can take advantage of the extra buoyancy and resistance that water offers. This allows them to exercise muscles that may not otherwise be used without placing stress and wear on their joints.


Why Rocky’s Retreat Is The Right Place For Your Dog

At Rocky’s Retreat, the health and wellness of your pet is our highest priority. We sanitize our pools with ozone instead of chlorine, so you don’t need to be concerned about your dog’s exposure to this chemical. Our pool is indoors and in a climate-controlled space, allowing us to offer canine hydrotherapy year-round. We can adjust the temperature easily between 87 to 94 degrees to provide maximum comfort to your dog.


Our additional safety measures include policies allowing only one dog in the pool at a time, a uniform pool depth of 4.5 feet, a separate entrance and exit for the pool, and a drying room so that your pet won’t bring any of their pool fun back home with them. You are welcome and encouraged to observe every session.


Is Orlando Dog Water Therapy Expensive?

At Rocky’s Retreat, we offer our hydrotherapy sessions with a straightforward pricing policy. One-hour sessions are $90, or you can schedule a 30-minute session for $55. 


We also offer package pricing to save you money. Our 30 minute, once-a-week six-pack brings the session price down to $40 per session, or the one-hour, once-a-week six-pack averages $65 per session. First-time clients receive a 10% discount on their first single session. 


Can My Dog Swim Without A Therapy Session?

Yes! If your pet just loves to swim and you don’t need the assistance of an aqua therapist, we offer recreational swimming sessions as well. This Orlando Dog Water Therapy option gives your dog a great exercise session that will guarantee a long nap!


If you’re ready to schedule Orlando dog water therapy with Rocky’s Retreat, give us a call or fill out our online contact form. We’re ready to get your pet on the road to better health.