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3 FAQs About Our Winter Park Dog Swimming Pool

Whether your pup is injured or loves to swim, we have a dog swimming pool that will be of use to you and yours. Here are three FAQs about our pool services.

1. What Is Hydrotherapy?

Think of it as water aerobics! Our dog swimming pool was designed to help pups that suffer from joint conditions, weight problems, arthritis, injuries and more. Non-weight bearing exercises such as warm water swimming are proven to help build muscle tone, increases cardiac fitness, loosen joints, relax muscles, increase flexibility and reduce stress, pain and anxiety! So it’s basically a life-changing program.  

Our assisted hydrotherapy sessions include a trained, certified canine hydrotherapist to help guide the session, monitor your pup’s health and ensure they’re getting the most out of their swim. Click here to take a look at pricing! 

2. Is Your Pool Open To The Public? 

Kinda sorta! Our Recreational Swims are for pups who already know how to swim, love fetch and are in good shape. Our pool was designed for our Hydrotherapy service, so it isn’t a first-come-first-serve kind of facility. You must schedule an assisted swim prior to booking a recreational swim so that we can ensure your pup’s safety in the pool. 

From that point forward, you’re allowed to schedule recreational swims whenever you want! However, you (the pup’s owner) will be in charge of leading the session. While you aren’t allowed in the pool due to health violations, you are on the sidelines throwing the tennis ball and playing a part in your pup’s workout. 

3. Can You Teach My Pup To Swim? 

Dog Swimming PoolAbsolutely! Our assisted canine hydrotherapy session is perfect for pups who haven’t yet learned to swim or who fear water. Each session is customized to meet your dog’s individual needs to guarantee that every time we meet is just as productive. The session will be guided by a trained hydrotherapist, but we encourage the pup’s owners to be in the room to observe the process! 

If you’re looking for a dog swimming pool for any of the above reasons, we’ve got what you’re looking for! Come take a tour of our facility to see what we’re all about and contact us today with any questions.