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5 Benefits Of Our College Park Puppy Daycare Program

When your pup needs a vacay day, look into College Park puppy daycare. Our facilities will give your pooch the play-day she needs. Here’s how.

Just like kids, puppies get bored easily. They need constant attention and interaction or they can take out their energy in a destructive manner. They can chew shoes or chair legs (hopefully just the dogs, not the kids) or make any number of messes. What’s the solution? College Park puppy daycare! Letting your sweet pup spend the day with us will give him all the stimulation he needs to rest easy at home with visions of chew toys dancing in his head. Here are some ways the puppy daycare program at Rocky’s Retreat can benefit your pup.

ExerciseCollege Park puppy daycare

If you have a puppy or have ever had a puppy, you know that they have lots and lots of energy. Some days taking your pup for a walk (or several walks) is impossible. Busy schedules keep us from spending time with our dogs and that’s okay because we’re here to help! At Rocky’s Retreat, our daycare services come with plenty of off-leash play time on real grass (no turf here!). We also have a sand pit for your pup to dig and dig and use up all of that energy.


According to the American Kennel Club, during the first three months of your puppy’s life, the socialization they experience will shape their personality in the future and how they’ll react to their environment as an adult. Our small group sizes allow one-on-one attention so we can actively monitor your puppy’s interactions with staff and other dogs. 

At Rocky’s Retreat, we keep our daycare group to just 12 dogs per day and then break them into smaller groups based on their age and temperament. We take the time and care to find just the right playgroup for your pup. At our College Park puppy daycare, your pooch will make other puppy pals and learn how to appropriately interact with them.

Training Reinforcement

Similar to socialization, training a new pup is crucial to their behavior as they get older. Whichever type of training you’re doing at home, we want to keep that going at our College Park puppy daycare. Since our groups are small, we can spend time with your pup, making sure they’re staying on your training schedule and not doing things they wouldn’t get away with at home. 

Spa Services

After a full day of running, playing, digging, and making friends, your puppy may need some pampering. Rocky’s Retreat has you covered with optional spa services. We offer free nail trimming and ear cleaning for our members, as well as regular brushing to keep your pup’s coat shiny and smooth. You can also add on bath services so your pal will be sweet and clean after a day of play.

Swim Therapy

We are proud to offer hydrotherapy at Rocky’s Retreat for dogs who love the water. It’s important to introduce your puppy to the water while they’re young so that they become accustomed to it and aren’t afraid. Our certified team of instructors can help your pup discover his doggy paddle so he’ll be a pro in the water. 

At Rocky’s Retreat, our College Park puppy daycare services are offered to members and non-members alike. Members receive special pricing with a monthly investment. Pricing is determined by how many days per week your puppy would like to spend with us. We also offer single-day passes and day pass packages for non-members. If you have questions about our College Park puppy daycare program or want to schedule a visit, contact us. We can’t wait to meet your puppy!