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Leaving For A Cruise? Our College Park Dog Boarding Has You Covered In These 4 Ways

Are you getting ready to set sail from a cruise port in Florida and need trusted dog boarding for your furbaby while you’re away? Here at Rocky’s Retreat, we have a state-of-the-art facility that will keep your pup entertained, engaged, and well-loved during their entire stay. Learn why our facility is the number one College Park dog boarding choice for cruise-bound vacationers.

Rocky’s Retreat is situated in the heart of the Sunshine State. Our location makes our facility easily accessible to many traveling to major southern cruise ports, including Cape Canaveral, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and the cruise capital of the world – Miami.

College Park Dog Boarding At Rocky’s Retreat

While preparing for your tropical getaway, schedule a vacation for your pup at our facility. Planning your dog’s boarding stay at Rocky’s Retreat is easy, and we have you covered in these four specific ways:

#1. We Take All Canines

One concern for many pet owners with canines that are advanced in age, very young, unspayed, unneutered, or those with special needs is that a facility will not allow their dog to board at the facility. Here at Rocky’s Retreat, we offer boarding stays to all dogs

You can rest assured that your dog will be loved and cared for during your cruise, no matter their needs or condition. Our College Park dog boarding team will ensure your furry friend feels right at home, whether they don’t play well with other dogs or need extra special treatment because of an impairment. We also happily accept dogs that use wheelchairs and those that require medication.    

#2. Special Boarding Discounts

College Park dog boardingOften, dog owners come to us with more than one furbaby to board. To make a stay as comfortable as possible, we allow dog siblings to share a spacious and comfortable pet suite. Shared boarding dramatically reduces separation anxiety and makes dog pairs more relaxed and at ease during their stay. As a bonus, dog owners who board canine siblings get a 25% discount on their second dog.

Additionally, you will receive a 10% discount if you book a boarding stay with us that is over 14 nights. This special package allows you to enjoy an extended cruise vacation, knowing that your dog is in good hands for as long as needed.     

#3. Specialized Recreation

Our facility will quickly become your dog’s home away from home. We have 7,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space ideal for peaceful boarding stays in our beautiful canine suites and engaging individual or group recreation. 

Dog owners also have the option to add specialized recreation and fitness activities to their canine companion’s boarding experience at the only climate controlled indoor warm water dog pool in Florida. Your dog can enjoy an assisted swim accompanied by one of our expert team members or a supervised fitness swim. 

 #4. Loads of Affection And Added Amenities

Along with our top-notch facility comes our unmatched level of care. You can enjoy your vacation with the peace of mind that your dog is getting regular one-on-one love and attention from our highly trained staff. During your dog’s stay, they will receive the following:

Choose College Park Dog Boarding At Rocky’s Retreat Today

Enjoy your cruise out of the ports of Florida, and let our team make your furbaby’s boarding stent a specialized doggie vacation. Don’t wait another minute; book your dog’s boarding experience at Rocky’s Retreat today.