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Top Benefits Of Specialized Dog Grooming in Kissimmee

Who doesn’t love some extra TLC? We do here at Rocky’s Retreat! Our team is adding several new options for in-depth dog grooming in Kissimmee this year. Read on to learn why grooming is essential to your pup’s health and discover our fresh, new offerings.

It comes as a surprise to many pet owners that grooming practices play an essential part in keeping their canines healthy over the long haul. Even dogs that don’t have coats that need to be trimmed every few weeks still need regular grooming. At Rocky’s Retreat, we recommend using grooming as a time to pamper your pooch and as a wellness checkpoint to ensure they are happy and healthy.  

Top Health Benefits Of Regular Grooming

There are many health benefits to regular grooming. Some advantages include:

Grooming practices as simple as brushing your dog’s fur can carry many long-term health benefits for your furbaby. For one, brushing helps ventilate a dog’s coat which aids in healthy growth. It also rids the hair of excess grease that can cause irritation, blocked pores, and other skin problems. Along with that, regular brushing improves blood flow and circulation. 

Some owners avoid regular grooming practices because their dogs don’t enjoy the process. However, many owners experience a mindset shift when they begin to view regular grooming as an essential health checkpoint for their pets. Many find that even the most reluctant pups come to love washes, trims, and grooming sessions over time. Here are some tips for improving your dog’s experience: 

When It’s Time To Visit a Grooming Professional

Dog grooming in KissimmeeWhile several grooming practices can be done from the comfort of home, some require a professional dog groomer’s skills, expertise, and tools. When you take your dog to a groomer, ask for professional advice on what at-home tools, shampoo, and other products are best for your dog’s fur and skin. 

A professional groomer can also advise you on how often your dog should be groomed to protect their health and to keep them looking fresh year-round. Naturally, longer hair breeds of dogs will require these appointments more often than short hair breeds; however, these visits can benefit all types of canines.

Our New Options For Specialty Dog Grooming In Kissimmee

Here at Rocky’s Retreat, we have a team member completing certifications and training at a professional grooming school so our facility can offer more specialty grooming services. Our on-site professional grooming expert will provide in-depth blueberry facials, bathing packages with specialty products, nail trimmings, fluff trims in hard-to-reach or sensitive spots, and more. 

Can Grooming Options Be Added To Other Packages?

These new grooming options will be fantastic stand-alone options, or each can work as an add-on. Owners can add any luxury grooming or bathing option to their dog’s boarding stay or doggie daycare package.    

Schedule Your Pup’s Specialty Dog Grooming In Kissimmee Today

We can’t wait to pamper your pet! Give our facility a try the next time you’re looking for dog grooming in Kissimmee or the Central Florida area. Contact our team today to make a reservation or schedule a tour at our location.