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Winter Garden Dog Boarding: Set Your Dog Up For Success

Is this your first time boarding your pet? At Rocky’s Retreat, our expert staff believes in providing attention, love, fun, and personalized care that you won’t find at other dog facilities. Here’s how to set your dog up for success for Winter Garden dog boarding.

This Is Your First Time Boarding Your Pet 

The first time boarding your pet can be a little emotional for everyone involved, including your furry friend. If you are considering boarding your dog for the first time, here are some insider tips and what to expect to ensure you and your dog are stress-free while you’re out of town.

What to Expect with Dog Boarding

We offer boutique dog boarding in the Winter Garden area. Our boarding experience allows your doggie to thrive in an intimate setting with small playgroups and lots of personal attention. Once you arrive, we will gather information about your fur friend’s current medications, feeding routine, medical history, and any concerns you may have. 

Ask if They Have Someone Who Can Administer Medication

If you are separated from your dog, you need to be sure that your chosen boarding service has a knowledgeable and experienced staff to administer medicine. Our facilities administer medications (excluding injections) to ensure no change in your dog’s medical routine. 

Time to Socialize 

For a dog, entering a new environment can be scary, as they are exposed to various situations, new friends, new people, and new experiences. Socializing helps reduce your dog’s possible fear and anxiety. If you socialize your dog, they will learn to enjoy and be at ease with new experiences, and can handle all the new things they are experiencing.

Get Your Dog Used to the Boarding Facility

Boarding facilities will ensure that all of their furry guests have accommodations for where they sleep, eat, and relax on their terms, and without the interference of other animals. Ask the facility if you can stop by for a visit. If your dog is nervous or hasn’t been away from you for an extended period of time, scheduling a few daycare visits before boarding them can be beneficial. This also allows you to see where your dog will be staying and ask any additional questions you may have. Asses the areas your dogs will be staying to make sure there is enough space and lots of room to play! Our facility has 7,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, ideal for peaceful boarding stays. 

Look for Affection And Added AmenitiesWinter Garden dog boarding

Along with our top-notch facility comes our unmatched level of care. You can enjoy your vacation with the peace of mind that your dog is getting regular one-on-one love and attention from a highly-trained staff. We are big on making your dog feel like they are on vacation. Here are some things we do to make your dog’s stay the ultimate vacation:

Choose Our Caring Team at Rocky’s Retreat 

Our caring team at Rocky’s Retreat would love the privilege of caring for your sweet pup while you’re away. We take a personalized approach to every pet’s individual needs. Schedule a tour today and discover why our team makes this facility the best dog boarding in the Winter Garden area.