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Orlando Pet Hotel Spotlight: Unwind At Rocky’s Retreat

Are you an Orlando dog owner who is looking for a great place to board your pet while you are away? Rocky’s Retreat has the Orlando pet hotel you’re searching for. 

When you take a vacation or leave town for work, you want to find somewhere for Rover where he will feel comfortable and enjoy himself. We’re sharing more about what your pup has to look forward to when they come to stay at our Orlando pet hotel.  

A Comfy Bed To Sleep In

Your dog is a member of your family, so we want to make sure they have a comfortable, safe place to sleep while they are away from home. That’s why we have individual rooms at Rocky’s Retreat where your dog will be able to stretch their legs and relax.  

We have a selection of rooms that vary in size and come with the option of outside-facing windows. Our “prince suite” also has additional space if your dog enjoys moving around a bit more while they are in their room. The purpose of each of our suites is to give your dog a comfortable stay that is personalized to best match their size, energy levels, and any other preferences.  

Dog Playgroups

Socializing is a great way for dogs to learn, and it improves their health. Our dog playgroups provide a fun and active method of socialization for your dog, and each one is created with your dog’s individual personality and needs in mind. 

If your dog has lots of energy, as many dog breeds naturally do, or if they are younger and need to burn off all of their puppy energy, we have personalized groups for them. 

If your dog needs to be in a more laid-back environment but you still want to make sure they get to socialize and receive appropriate levels of exercise, we also have a playgroup for them. As dogs age, the natural energy they have tends to diminish, but they should never feel excluded. If your dog has any physical conditions that make it more challenging for them to feel comfortable in a high-energy environment, we can place them with other dogs who have similar energy levels. 

Dogs all have different temperaments and don’t always feel comfortable in new environments. Maybe they don’t often get to socialize with other dogs when they are back at home or easily become nervous. Whatever the reason for this may be, we pay special attention to the information we receive from you and how they respond to other dogs. We will help your dog feel comfortable and enjoy their time spent at our Orlando pet hotel to the fullest. 

Make A Splash! 

Our facility has one of Central Florida’s only temperature-controlled indoor pools for dogs. You can add one of our hydrotherapy sessions to your dog’s package while they stay with us. Our hydrotherapy sessions are guided by a certified canine hydrotherapist who will remain in the water with your dog at all times. Hydrotherapy benefits dogs both mentally and physically, and there is research to support that it can even help to alleviate challenges with depression and anxiety

A Sandpit In Our Backyard

Our facility has plenty of space for your pup to stretch their legs while they stay with us. Exercise is an incredibly important part of a balanced life for our pets, so we have many opportunities for your dog to stay fit, healthy, and have fun while they stay with us. 

We have a sandpit in our backyard where your dog can dig and roll around, enjoying the benefits that come from being able to indulge their natural inclinations to rummage and play in the dirt.

Give Your Pooch A Spa Day!Orlando Pet Hotel

What vacation would be complete without some much-needed pampering? Our Orlando pet hotel has grooming services that can include a bath, haircut, blow-dry, and nail trimming. You can select a personalized spa treatment for Fido that will have him looking and feeling his best. 

Even if you don’t opt for a grooming service like the ones mentioned above, we offer a bath to your dog before they return home. If you’re going on a vacation or a work-related trip, jet lag and being exhausted upon returning is often a part of the experience. You don’t have to add giving your pup a bath to your to-do list. Let us do the clean up!

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