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It rained this morning, and as I tried to get Beau out for his morning walk, I started thinking. What is it about rain that dogs hate? Mind you, not all dogs hate it, but most of the people I’ve spoken to have the same comment that their dog just won’t go out when it’s raining. It takes some hearty encouragement and a match of wits to get them to go out even for a few minutes to pee, let alone take a walk.

One of the most important things to remember though is not how to do the various strokes. You will learn those strokes as you practice. What’s more important is to find a quiet time when both you and your dog are “in the mood.” Your dog must want to receive a massage, and you must be in the proper frame of mind to give a massage. You should be as stress free as possible, and not thinking of the kids, or what you have to cook for dinner, or how your day was at work.

Did you ever think about the drama that takes place when you feed your dog? Does he sit nicely and wait for his meal? Does he have his paws on the counter to see what you’re doing? Does he dance enthusiastically in anticipation? Or, does he show no interest? All my dogs have been food enthusiasts – I’ve never had one that showed no interest but, I’m sure some are.

Now that our website has been revamped to reflect our upcoming canine health and fitness center, we wanted to do the same for the blog. The previous Rocky’s Retreat site had a blog page, but it was never really used. That’s about to change!